Honda CONNECT Helps You Find Your Car And Start Your Engine Remotely

This is one of the most advanced features found in any B-segment car.

Cover image via Honda (provided to SAYS)

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The newly launched Honda CONNECT is designed to provide seamless connection between drivers and their Honda cars.

Image via Honda

Honda Malaysia has officially launched Honda CONNECT, which is an advanced telematics system currently available in the Honda City RS e:HEV that includes a car tracking device installed in the vehicle, allowing the sending, receiving, and storing of information. Through the Honda CONNECT app, you can conveniently control and monitor various aspects of your Honda car in just a few simple taps on your smartphone.

Similar to the benefits of smart home technology, Honda CONNECT offers a variety of advanced features encompassing three pillars of Safety, Security, and Convenience that will improve your daily driving experience.

Watch the official launch of Honda CONNECT in Malaysia below:

Here are some of the smart features of Honda CONNECT:

1. If you get into an accident, your car will automatically send your accurate GPS location to a 24/7 call centre.

Honda CONNECT automatically lets you know whenever there is a safety concern, with Automatic Collision Detection, Security Alarm Detection, and Speed Alert.

With Honda CONNECT's Automatic Collision Detection, it will set into motion a few automated responses. Whenever the car's airbags are deployed, usually indicating a severe accident, Honda CONNECT will send a signal of your location to Honda's 24-Hour Road Side Assistance Call Centre. The call centre will then send for help such as ambulance and towing assistance.

2. Every time your car security alarm is activated, you will get a notification through the Honda CONNECT app.

You no longer have to worry about car theft thanks to the Security Alarm Detection. This helpful feature will alert you on any potential suspicious activities, like when someone tries to break into your car.

What's more, if you happen to be preoccupied and don’t notice the alert notification on your phone within 10 minutes, a 24-Hour Call Centre agent will personally call you to alert you of such activities.

3. You can set up a Speed Alert to monitor your car’s speed.

Honda CONNECT also allows you to set a Speed Alert, which helps remind you to drive safe on the road, and automatically notifies you if you drive over the speed limit. This comes in handy in keeping you safe at all times, especially if your family members or loved ones are behind the wheel.

You can even create and set up to three different categories of speed limits; for instance, one for driving in the city, one for driving on the highway, and one for long distance travels.

4. Integrated with Google Maps, Find My Car enables you to keep track of your car’s current location.

Honda CONNECT enhances the security of your Honda with advanced technology that helps you keep track of its latest location with Find My Car, Geo-fencing Alert, and Emergency Call.

Whether you lent your car to a friend, want to keep track of your loved ones' whereabouts, or just forgot where you parked, Find My Car is able to help you locate your car. Furthermore, since it is integrated with Google Maps, you can get an accurate location of where your car is. This feature allows you to track your car's location in the event your car is suspiciously moved without your knowledge.

Besides that, you can also set up a Geo-fencing Alert and create designated preferred zones by pinning it on the mobile map or searching for it according to nearby landmarks. The Geo-fencing Alert enables you to be notified if your car is leaving or entering the zones that you have set, offering you ultimate peace of mind.

In the event of a misadventure, the Emergency Call feature can also save your preferred Honda Authorised Dealer and insurance company number, making it easier for you to access the right contacts during any kind of emergency on the road.

5. Check your car status, your fuel and battery level, and more all from your phone.

Want an application that can conveniently check on your car’s status, and control your car remotely? Honda CONNECT can assist in making your daily life easier with Car Status, Remote Vehicle Control, and Service Reminder.

One of the most practical features of Honda CONNECT is the Car Status Function, which gives you a good idea of how well your car is functioning.

With Diagnostic Support, you will be notified if your car's systems experience any errors, be it the Brake System, Charging System, or Safety Support System. This early diagnosis allows you to send the car for service and maintenance before any bigger issues arise.

On top of that, you will be able to remotely monitor your car's fuel level, the lock status of all doors, the car's 12-volt battery level, and airbag status. If you're unsure whether you locked your car, or you're concerned if you have enough petrol to drive home, this feature really comes in handy.

6. Start your car engine, adjust your air conditioning, and control your headlights remotely.

With Remote Vehicle Control, you can enjoy seamless convenience from wherever you are. Using your mobile device, you can remotely start or stop your engine with no limitation of range. If you happen to park your car under the hot sun, this also means you have more time to cool off your car's interior by adjusting the air conditioning remotely before you step in.

Besides that, Honda CONNECT also allows you to remotely control your car door's lock from anywhere you are. In the event of an emergency, you can also contact Honda's 24 Hours Call Centre to assist you in locking or unlocking the door as well.

Another useful feature is Remote Light Control, which makes your car's headlight to blink for 30 seconds. When activated, this feature will help you to easily find your car in a parking area, especially at night. Or, you could also use this feature to light the way for you to your doorstep.

7. Get a Service Reminder when your car is due for servicing.

Last but not least, Honda CONNECT also provides you with a Service Reminder by monitoring the car’s mileage and also the last service date. It will automatically remind you when maintenance is due, so you can schedule a service appointment right away.

This will ensure your car is being maintained accordingly for tip-top performance.

Honda CONNECT is currently available for the Honda City RS e:HEV, and will soon be rolling out to other models as well.

Image via Honda

If you want to learn about Honda CONNECT, you can check out their AR platform by scanning the QR Code below:

Image via Honda

Visit Honda's website for more information on Honda CONNECT today!

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