Here's How To Choose The Right Water Purifier For Your Household And Lifestyle

There are a few factors to consider, from kitchen space to household size.

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Nowadays, having a water purifier at home is no longer a luxury. In fact, it has become a necessity for most of us.

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Instead of spending hours a day preparing clean, safe drinking water, we can now enjoy it at the touch of a button, at any temperature we desire! No more filling a kettle with water, boiling it, pouring it into another jug, and waiting for it to cool down before repeating the process.

With a water purifier, you can prepare yourself a cup of hot tea or iced cordial any time of the day. And for parents, you can count on making the perfect bottle of baby formula milk every single time, no hassle at all.

That being said, not every water purifier is created equal. Plus, what works for one family may not be sufficient for another.

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A water purifier is a pretty major purchase, as most of them come with a multi-year contract or a big upfront payment. That's why getting the right water purifier for your household and lifestyle is really important.

This includes finding a water purifier that not only fits aesthetically into your kitchen space, but also has all the features you need. For instance, a family of five may prefer a water purifier with a big tank, compared to someone who's staying alone.

Similarly, a family with a newborn baby may find the baby temperature water feature extremely useful, while a couple without kids may rather have an ice-making feature.

Ready to find a water purifier that suits your household and lifestyle? Here are five Coway water purifiers that you should consider:

1. Coway KECIL | From RM39*/month

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The Coway KECIL is uniquely designed for households with small kitchen spaces, featuring a width of just seven inches, making it kecil enough to fit into any countertop. Plus, its aesthetic and minimalist look makes the water purifier feel like a part of your home's interior design.

Despite being a tankless model, it offers a fast flow rate as well as instant heating and cooling. This means you can dispense clean water at five temperature settings whenever you want. There are also four volume settings, which can fill up your cup, bottle, or pot without supervision. The Coway KECIL also offers unlimited water supply, making it suitable for households of every size.

Find out more about the Coway KECIL on their website.

2. Coway NEO PLUS | From RM30*/month

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If you're looking for the most value-friendly water purifier, the Coway NEO PLUS is obtainable from just RM30* per month (after discount).

Despite its affordable price tag, the water purifier has all the essential features you'd need, including three water temperatures: hot, ambient, and cold. Simply turn the knob to your preferred temperature, and push the lever to extract water.

Besides that, the Coway NEO PLUS features an easy-to-use design, a handy child lock, and an eco mode for energy saving.

Find out more about the Coway NEO PLUS on their website.

3. Coway VILLAEM 2 | From RM52*/month

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Simple, neat, yet sturdy, the Coway VILLAEM 2 is perfect for those looking for a minimalist water purifier that's also practical.

In case you didn't know, the Coway VILLAEM 2 was actually inspired by a researcher who got sad seeing his wife mixing hot and ambient water to get the right temperature every time she had to make baby formula milk. Now equipped with a warm water setting, this water purifier is a lifesaver for new parents making baby formula milk without wasting a second.

There are four temperature settings to choose from, and it has a friendly design for easy usage. It also has nifty indicators that'll inform you of the highest and lowest temperature, as well as low water levels.

Find out more about the Coway VILLAEM 2 on their website.

4. Coway OMBAK | From RM60*/month

Image via Coway

Interestingly, the Coway OMBAK was designed specifically for Malaysians after several visitations from researchers and engineers from Korea, who also conducted in-depth studies to understand the needs of local households.

One thing they discovered was that Malaysians enjoy hosting guests and family. As a result, they decided to equip the Coway OMBAK with a whopping 13.5L water tank, ensuring you'll never have to worry about running out of water.

Since Malaysians also like their hot drinks (like teh tarik) and cold beverages (like sirap ais), the Coway OMBAK comes with up to 50 water settings ranging from 40°C to 90°C, along with various volume settings.

Find out more about the Coway OMBAK on their website.

5. Coway AIS | From RM60*/month

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Ever dreamed of having ice on demand, but malas to fill up ice trays and place them in the freezer? The Coway AIS was made just for you, equipped with an automated ice making function, saving you the hassle and time of preparing ice.

Besides that, ice can get contaminated with bacteria and may take on the smell of foods kept in the freezer. The Coway AIS is a gamechanger thanks to its sealed ice tank with regular UV sterilisation, ensuring you always get pure, crystal clear ice made with purified water for better taste. 

Similar to Coway's other water purifiers, the Coway AIS comes with a variety of temperature and volume controls. In addition, it comes with a smart user memory setting (MYCUP), allowing you to get the same exact water temperature and volume for your daily cup of coffee or tea.

Find out more about the Coway AIS on their website.

Need some help comparing and deciding which water purifier actually suits you best? Here's a summary below:

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Whichever Coway water purifier you're thinking of getting, we've got good news. For a limited time only, you can save up to 50% on your all-new Coway water purifier for six months, woah!

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But that's not all, this promo comes with free delivery and installation, as well as up to seven years of free servicing.

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