Auto-Play Videos Giving You A Headache? Here's How To Stop Them In 4 Easy Steps

Let's put an end to the constant annoyance caused by Facebook!

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Of late, Facebook videos have filled up the News Feed...

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...and they are in auto-play mode!

While videos are almost always interesting compared to texts, having your News Feed bombarded with a whole bunch of them, that too in auto-play mode, is certainly borderline annoying... and you just want them to stop! Like, give us a break, Facebook!

So, if you're annoyed by them or simply don't want Facebook videos in your News Feed in auto-play mode, here's how to put a stop to them, both on desktop and mobile (Android and iOS)...

Firstly, on desktop:

1. Go to the drop down menu on top right corner and click on 'Settings' option:

Image via Sadho/SAYS

2. Next, click on the 'Videos' option:

Image via Sadho/SAYS

3. Clicking on the 'Videos' option will bring you to this window below:

Image via Sadho/SAYS

4. Select 'Off' from the drop down list to complete the task:

Image via Sadho/SAYS

For mobile, it's pretty simple:

On Android devices:

Open the Facebook app.
Tap on the 3 horizontal lines option on the top right corner.
Scroll down and tap on 'App Settings'
Tap 'Video Auto-play'
Choose an option of your liking:

Image via Sadho/SAYS

On iOS devices:

Open the Facebook app
Go to your 'Profile Settings'
Next, head on to 'Videos and Photos'
Tap 'Auto Play' and select your option

Image via Sadho/SAYS

Now go and cherish your time on Facebook without having to worry about being bombarded with a ton of videos on auto-play mode!

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