4 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Original Ink & Toner Cartridges For Your Printer At Home

Everything can be done with just a few taps.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by HP Malaysia.

HP is encouraging all Malaysians to only use original ink and toner cartridges for their printers

In the event that a person uses imitation or counterfeit cartridges, a whole load of problems could occur, like:

1. Further contribution to pollution and buildup of plastic waste
2. Potentially catastrophic printer damage
3. A void warranty
4. Ridiculously bad printing quality
5. High emissions of toxic chemicals and ink particles 

Here's why printing with original HP ink and toner is the best choice you can make:

1. Every original HP cartridge is the result of extensive research and development

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Behind every HP cartridge are hundreds of testing hours and years of engineering to make sure you've got a smooth and consistent printing experience. It's going to be perfectly done, every single time.

No need to smack your printer out of frustration. :)

2. You get to print out high quality photos every single time

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No one likes printing photos that turn out all discoloured, with some visible printing lines here and there. When we print photos, we expect them to really depict the memory we chose to remember. That's why original HP cartridges print with the highest quality possible. 

Time to add memories to that photo album!

3. Original HP cartridges recycle easily and produce much less waste

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Through the HP Planet Partners program, used HP cartridges are combined with plastic bottles to produce new HP cartridges. 

Show Mother Nature some love!

4. Both HP printers and cartridges work great in tandem with each other

Image via HP

Precisely tuned with HP printers, original HP cartridges always give you the best results, no matter what. They were literally made for each other. ;D

With HP, you don't HAVE to print from your computer. You can choose to use your smartphone to do the job instead! :D

Image via HP

With the use of the HP Smart App (available on both iOS and Android), your printing can be done in just a few taps. It's as simple as that.

But you can do a whole lot of other things with the app too, like:
1. Set up and manage your HP printer directly from the app
2. View printer status and send prints on the go
3. Print, copy, scan, and share files directly from your mobile device to your friends, co-workers, or the cloud
4. Edit and enhance your photos with filters, crop, add text, and adjustments like saturation, contrast, brightness
5. Use your mobile device’s camera to create high-quality scans, then preview/edit/save them as PDFs and JPEGs and store in your favourite cloud storage account
6. Order supplies and get support straight from the app

You can get original Black and Colour HP ink cartridges in individual packs as well as combo packs too!

Image via HP

To purchase and learn more about original HP cartridges, click here

To learn more about the HP Smart app, click here

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