HTC Is Bringing The Most Squeezable Phone Ever Made To Malaysia

Squeeze for everything!

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HTC is bringing their new flagship squeezable phone to Malaysia

Image via HTC

The HTC U11 is a smartphone that allows you to interact with it with just a squeeze. This is made possible with the HTC Edge Sense, which is activated when you apply gentle pressure on the sensors hidden under the glass edge at the sides of the phone.

So, what does squeezing the U11 do?

1. It opens your frequently used apps

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Your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Camera are just a squeeze away!

The HTC Edge Sense allows you to customise your squeeze gesture. This means that you can activate all your favourite apps with different types of 'squeezes', eg. a short squeeze to launch your Camera; or a squeeze and hold for your Facebook app.

2. It types your WhatsApp texts for you

Yes, you can get the U11 to type your texts for you. A squeeze can activate the phone's Voice To Text function, so you can still text even when your hands are full.

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Just don't do it while you're driving, though. Eyes on the road!

3. Squeeze to snap a photo...

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You used to have to press one of the side buttons, or tap the screen to take a good selfie. All you need to do right now is simply pose, flex those hand muscles, and squeeze.

4. ... anytime, anywhere

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Literally anytime, anywhere. Even under water as it's water resistant! Perfect for every kind of outing.

This works because the HTC Edge Sense is activated by actual pressure. So as long as you can still squeeze the device underwater, or even with gloves on, the U11 will register your squeeze gesture and snap.

This is especially useful when you're doing something that gets your adrenaline pumping.

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Because ain't nobody got time to fumble for that button when they're jumping off cliffs or planes. Just squeeze!

The U11's camera is also rated as one of the best smartphone cameras in the market

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It uses UltraSpeed AutoFocus, the same full sensor auto-focus technology as those used in top-line DSLR cameras. Coupled with the Auto HDR Boost which enhances the colours and textures in your photos, you can take super clear photos with the U11 just like a professional photographer.

There's also the UltraPixel light sensitivity feature that helps you take great concert photos without the need to max the brightness level before you post it.

Image via Phone Arena

#NoFilter forever.

Taking videos with the U11 is great too with their awesome microphone

The U11's microphone is omni-directional, which means it can pick up sound from all sides, as compared to other mics which require you to speak directly to it in order to be heard.

The best feature is the Acoustic Zoom that not only allows you to zoom in on someone or something for the video, but to amplify their sounds as well.

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The speakers are so powerful, you gotta hear it to believe it

Music lovers will be happy to know that HTC has improved that speaker design for the U11. Now your favourite songs sound richer, clearer...

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... and more powerful.

In terms of accessories, the USonic earbuds are every music lover's dream come true

The USonic earbuds are great because it cancels out noises around you automatically, thanks to the Active Noise Cancellation feature. It does this by actively monitoring the noise level around you, then automatically adjusts your music's volume accordingly. This way, you can really enjoy your Spotify playlist without distractions.

The HTC U11 is available in three colours in Malaysia

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You can get the smartphone in Brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue, and Amazing Silver at RM3,099. This is for the 6GB RAM / 128GB Storage variant of the HTC U11.

You can find out more about the HTC U11 here

Image via HTC

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