Leaked Video Shows What The iPhone 7 Really Looks Like

You'll either love it or REALLY hate it.

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As we get closer to the launch of the iPhone 7, the leaks and rumours just can't stop coming in! Awhile back, leaked images suggested that the smartphone will not be equipped with a headphone jack.

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The leaks come from mobile case makers who have already started creating cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

On the other hand, an analyst in China has claimed that Apple will be ditching the 16GB model

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The analyst who works at IHS Technology in China has links to Apple's supply chain.

Now, a video posted on Chinese social network Weibo appears to feature an extended look at Apple's iPhone 7, which is expected to be revealed in the coming months

The purported iPhone 7 unit on top of an iPhone 6. Notice the missing headphone jack?

Image via Weibo

The video appears to coincide with previous rumours surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone 7.

In the video, the 4.7-inch device is compared to its predecessor and it confirms two major changes - the lack of a headphone jack and a larger camera lens

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The size of the camera hole is also about 25% larger, suggesting that significant upgrades to camera quality are in the cards. The lack of a headphone jack is replaced by an additional speaker grille which Apple may market as ‘stereo’ sound.

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The larger lens implies a larger, and probably better camera sensor. But given the size increase, it does stick out more.

In terms of design, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 appear identical with negligible changes to height, width and thickness

The dummy iPhone 7 (Left) compared to the iPhone 6s (Right).

Image via Weibo

The device has also redesigned antenna lines that stick to the sides of the phone rather than stretching across the back.

Previous rumours and leaks have indicated that a larger 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 7 (not shown in the video) would feature an array of two camera sensors, one fitted with an optical zoom

An artist's illustration of 5.5-inch iPhone 7.

Image via Cult Of Mac

The 5.5-inch version has unofficially been dubbed as the "iPhone 7 Plus".

While the video didn't disclose any information about internal upgrades, it's safe to expect that the iPhone 7 would come with a new processor and better graphics

Image via Weibo

It is rumoured that Apple may introduce a high-end version with 256GB. That's pretty insane.

If all these changes turn out to be true, you could be looking at the next iPhone. Check out the video below:

While you wait for the release of the iPhone 7, catch up on some of the rumours that's been going around:

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