This iPhone 'Saves' Itself By Clinging Onto The Side Of A Perodua Myvi

More importantly, it 'saved' its owner from having to buy a new phone.

Cover image via shelbyhesmes/TikTok & Lifewire

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After dominating the market for several decades, Apple continues to captivate its fan base, often surprising us in ways that surpass our wildest imaginations

For example, the MagSafe feature, initially exclusive to Mac laptops, has found its way to newer iPhones. It facilitates effortless and secure wireless charging, allowing users to charge their phone by attaching a magnetic induction charger on the back of the device.

Today, MagSafe also allows users to attach accessories — such as wallets or power banks — to the back of their iPhones with convenient ease.

Adding to its already impressive list of uses, a Malaysian recently discovered an unexpected 'hidden feature'

The Malaysian, who goes by @shelbyhesmes on TikTok, was surprised to find his iPhone 15 Pro 'clinging' to the side of his car after he absentmindedly left it on the roof of his Perodua Myvi. Miraculously, the phone stayed securely in place during his one-hour journey without falling off.

According to @shelbyhesmes, he was driving from Universiti Malaya to Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Here's how the Internet responded to the miraculous event:

"My husband asked me to use MagSafe, but I don't want to. This is a sign for me to change it," said one netizen.

"All iPhones have MagSafe. You only need to find a MagSafe casing," another pointed out.

One netizen recounted a similar incident involving her husband, saying, "He's also using a MagSafe-compatible phone. He left it on top of his car and went out for a bit. He only realised the phone was on the roof when he got home!"

Check out the TikTok of the incident here

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