Did You Know That There Are iPhone Versions Without A Camera? Here's Why

Just a flat panel at the back.

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One of the defining features of the Apple iPhone is its distinct camera module gracing the back of the phone

Besides taking stunning pictures, the distinct camera module is also used to quickly identify whether a phone is a standard model or the more premium Pro model. The camera module can also be personalised with a variety of neat and cool-looking accessories, truly making the iPhone uniquely yours.

However, certain iPhones come without a camera module equipped, leaving the back of device looking jarringly empty

Image via Facebook

Turns out, there are versions of the iPhone without the camera module, and the Internet is perplexed by the existence of such devices.

Check out the TikTok video below:

Here's why these iPhones do not come equipped with cameras:

According to a Redditor, iPhones without a camera are commonly purchased by specific customers due to work policies. For example, the Singaporean national military service requires trainees to remove their cameras. Another Redditor said that government personnel and employees of oil and gas companies are also frequent customers of this intriguing curio.

Comment byu/Comfortable_Table_79 from discussion iniphone
Comment byu/Comfortable_Table_79 from discussion iniphone

In fact, there are vendors specifically offering non-camera iPhones

These services offer conversion kits, allowing users to modify their existing iPhones to comply with workplace policies. They also offer ready-to-use non-camera iPhones at a price.

Apple does not currently plan to manufacture iPhones without cameras in the future, possibly due to a significantly increased manufacturing cost.

Have you seen a camera-less iPhone before?

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