This Japanese Foot Massager Will Give Your Body The Pampering It Deserves. Check It Out

It's multifunctional and has five different massage modes!

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Sometimes, all we need to unwind is a therapeutic massage, as we relax at home after a long and tiring day

However, instead of going through the hassle of heading all the way to the spa for that much-needed massage, you can opt for ITSU's brand new, multifunctional ITSU MyCubo Foot Massager!

With colours such as as Vanilla and Coral Blue, this adorable-looking 2-in-1 massager also acts a stool gais! :O The massager has a removable lid that allows you to place your feet inside. Once you're done, simply place the lid back on and voilà, you've got a cosy little stool for your home. 

Plus, the removable lid is also a wireless and rechargeable back massager, perfect for your back, hands, neck, and legs.

Enter the chill zone with this massager, as it is equipped with five different massage modes designed to promote blood circulation and provide relief to your aching feet

Here are the massage modes you can choose with ITSU MyCubo Foot Massager:

1. Air Pressure Massage
Promotes good blood circulation on fatigued feet.

2. Rolling and Tapping Massage
Uses a massage technique targeting precise acupuncture points for blood circulation and detoxification.

3. Soft Massage
Uses soft massage techniques to soothe aching feet and accelerate metabolism.

4. Moderate Massage
This function combines massage techniques to help in relaxing and promote blood circulation.

5. Deep Massage
Uses deep and intense massage techniques to relieve muscle soreness and promote blood circulation.

What's great about the ITSU MyCubo Foot Massager is that with their upcoming promotion, you can purchase it with amazing discounts

Look out for their 'Double Festival, Twice The Happiness' promo, as you can get your hands on this foot massager with double the discount. Now's your chance to enjoy great savings for a limited time only!

You can check out ITSU's upcoming roadshow at Sunway Velocity Mall from 14 to 25 April, for even more massage-based products

Aside from the ITSU MyCubo Foot Massager, all you homebodies out there can have a look at ITSU's range of comfy massage chairs, foot massagers, and fitness equipment designed to cater to your comfort needs.

For the massage chairs, you can expect to receive double free gifts, yay! What's more, ITSU is also offering double the warranty, which also saves you money in the long run.

The roadshow will be held next to Rakuzen at Sunway Velocity Mall, so make sure you head on over there to enjoy specials deals and promotions before it's too late. ;)

Note: Remember to follow SOPs and practice physical distancing.

You can browse more ITSU products by heading to one of their stores nationwide! Find out more at their website.

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