TIME Is Giving You RM100 Off Your First Bill And A Chance To Win A New Premium Laptop

So worth it!

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Laptop failing you lately? Sluggish to the point you can't get your work done, or even worse, showing you the blue screen of death?

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As we continue to stay at home, having a good, powerful laptop is soooooo important, but so is having a fast Internet!

Plus, with one household using the same Wi-Fi, it's impossible to run everything smoothly with an average Internet speed, omgggg.

And with your old, laggy laptop? SO. MUCH. WORSE. 

If you're looking for consistent and ultrafast Internet to enjoy on a brand new laptop, TIME has got you covered!

Over the years, TIME has been providing homes and businesses with ultrafast Internet by using the latest available technologies. 

In fact, Ookla Speedtest labelled the brand as Malaysia's Most Consistent Broadband Provider in 2020 for consistently delivering the fastest average download and upload speeds throughout the region. 

So, whether you WFH, play lots of games, or enjoy streaming TV shows and movies to your heart's content, TIME takes you on the fast lane to do wonders from home. 

Here comes the best part – you could be bringing home a brand new laptop worth more than RM6,000 on top of receiving RM100 off your first bill when you sign up for selected TIME Fibre Home Broadband plans.

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From now until 30 April, all you gotta do is just subscribe to TIME's 500Mbps or 1Gbps 24-month contract plan, and you could be unboxing a shiny new laptop. So easy!

Check out the fibre home broadband plans available: 

- 100Mbps – RM99/month + RM100 off your first bill 
- 500Mbps – RM139/month + RM100 off your first bill + a chance to win a premium laptop
- 1Gbps – RM199/month + RM100 off your first bill + a chance to win a premium laptop

If you opt for the 100Mbps plan, that means you get your first month free! Or simply subscribe to the 500Mbps plan, and you only pay RM39 for the first month as well as stand a chance to win a powerful laptop. So worth it, right? 

Terms and conditions apply. 

That's not all. You also get to enjoy tonnes of other benefits that come along with your subscription plan!

Check out some of the cool perks you get when you subscribe to TIME: 

1. 100% fibre network connection to ensure a consistent and fast Internet connection
2. 24/7 Tech Ninja support via phone, chat, or handy digital tools 
3. Seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere at home with OmniMesh

Don't know what OmniMesh is? It's TIME's range of mesh Wi-Fi devices that blanket your home with fast and consistent connection. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones!

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In every home, there's bound to have a room or a corner where your Wi-Fi just can't seem to reach right? 

With OmniMesh, you get a mesh network that extends the Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, so you can stay connected wherever you are. 

These add-ons can be purchased at TIME's Self Care shop, and they come with free installation! In other words, your monthly broadband subscriptions remain the same. Find out more about the OmniMesh range here

Don't miss out on your chance to win a brand spanking new laptop worth more than RM6,000 today! Find out more here.

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