This TikTok Dance Challenge Is Gonna Be The Latest Trend You See All Over Your Feed

Time to move it, move it!

Cover image via @yuki_dance_ (TikTok) , @babyshimaofficial (TikTok) , @wingkeh_keifth (TikTok)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Lalamove.

If you love scrolling on social media for hours, especially on TikTok, you're confirm up to date with all the latest trends and viral challenges

From the hilarious Dom Toretto and family edits that sparked memes everywhere to the Questions I Get Asked trend, you've probably watched countless videos and maybe even attempted these trends yourself, hehe! ;)

As for TikTok dance challenges, there are iconic ones like the Siren Beat challenge and the Renegade dance, as well as more recent ones like the Stay challenge and the Let's Groove challenge.

Well, all those popular trends can move over, 'cause there's a new viral TikTok dance challenge in town — the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge!

Lalamove has created catchy music and fun dance choreography for everyone to follow along. And the best part is that you don't have to be a super pro dancer to pull it off. Anyone can do it, just let loose and have fun!

If you're feeling extra, you can even get creative and put your own spin on it to make your video stand out. Who knows? Your video could be the one that goes viral.

Currently, #LalamoveIt already has more than 200 million views on TikTok, wahhh! Don't miss out on this trend and join in on the fun vibes, okay?

Malaysians have already been all over the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge. Check out some of these super creative TikToks:

1. Yuki

A popular dance choreographer and content creator, Yuki is a former Astro Battleground 2016 Champion who is widely known for her dance videos. With her skills and flair, she really made the simple dance moves stand out and will totally make you wanna dance along.


Let’s Lalamove it with me and win cool prizes! #Lalamoveit @lalamove_my #LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

2. BabyShima

This versatile singer dabbles in two completely opposite genres — pop dance and dangdut — and is equally talented at both. Her take on the challenge is super fun, complete with hair flips, winks, and a stunning smile.


Jom #LalamoveIt dengan Shima dan menang hadiah best @lalamove_my #LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

3. Wingkeh

This girl is not only a video creator and an entrepreneur, but was even the 1st Runner Up in TikTok AllStar Southeast Asia'19. Wow, talk about talented! Her partner, Keith, is often spotted dancing with her in her dance videos. The couple look soooo adorbs taking on the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge together in matching outfits, awww!


We like to move it, MOVE IT! Jom let’s dance together with #LalamoveIt & win a lot of cool prizes! @lalamove_my #LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

4. Imnarul Effendy

In addition to being an entrepreneur who sells local sambal, Imnarul is also a hip-hop freestyler who often produces random dance videos and comedic content. His personality really shines through as he dances along to the catchy song, and he looks like he's having a great time.


Just move it guys! Jom menari sama-sama & korang boleh dapat banyak hadiah ! #LalamoveIt @lalamove_my #LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

5. Loo Jia Lee

You may know this content creator from YouTube, where he posts ASMR videos, sketches, and comedy skits. He's also active on TikTok, making videos on current trending hashtags. In his caption, he jokingly claims to be a "professional dancer", hahaha, then goes on to prove that the dance moves for the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge are so easy, anyone can do it.


Believe me, I am a professional dancer.JOM! Just #LalamoveIt and win cool prizes!@la@lalamove_my LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

6. Arvind Raj

A recording artist, singer, rapper, and music producer, Arvind often does comedic skits/covers on TikTok. We love how his background matches his t-shirt, and he definitely pulls off the moves perfectly!


I like to move it with Lalamove! Let’s dance together & win cool prizes! #LalamoveIt @lalamove_my #LalamoveMalaysia #Ad

Just Lalamove it - Group vocals

Thinking of trying the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge? To give you some extra motivation, Lalamove is hosting a contest with some amazing prizes up for grabs, whoooo! :D

From 16 to 29 September, all you have to do is post a TikTok of yourself doing the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge for a chance to win. It's that simple!

Check out the awesome prizes that could be yours:
First prize: iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)
Second prize: Nintendo Switch
Third prize: FitBit Versa 3
Consolation prize: RM50 Lalamove Coupon vouchers x 20 winners

Here's how to join the contest:

Step 1: Follow the official Lalamove Malaysia TikTok account — @lalamove_my
Step 2: Do the #LalamoveIt dance using the official music (Just Lalamove It) and dance steps
Step 3: Video must contain at least two 'LalamoveIt' stickers and the hashtag #LalamoveIt
Step 4: Upload the video on your TikTok account from 16 to 29 September 2021. The deadline for entry submission is 29 September.

Winners will be announced via Lalamove Malaysia's Facebook and TikTok. Lalamove will contact the winners via e-mail and TikTok Direct Message for details on prize giveaway.

What are you waiting for? Faster join the #LalamoveIt Hashtag Challenge before it ends on 29 September for your chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro and other cool prizes!

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.

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