[VIDEO] This Woman's Reverse Sensor Doesn't Beep. It Plays The 'Doraemon' Theme Song

It's not every day that you find a car that can sing in Japanese. :O

Cover image via @noorfaizatul2 (TikTok)

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A woman recently went viral after uploading a video of her car reversing into a parking spot

Although it sounds like a pretty mundane subject, she surprised netizens by showing that her car has a unique reverse sensor that doesn't beep like everyone else's.

Instead, her car starts playing the Doraemon theme song whenever she puts it in reverse.

On 25 July, TikTok user @noorfaizatul2 uploaded the short video and the clip has garnered over 101,700 views.

In the video, the Doraemon theme song can be heard playing the moment she starts backing up her car

In the comments, she explained that the device which allows her car to do so was ordered from Japan.

It was then hooked up to her car by her husband.

For those wondering how the woman would know if she was getting close to an object behind her car, she explained that the original beeping sensor was still in tact so there's no issue of not knowing whether she's about to hit something while in reverse.

"[Doraemon] is just a backup singer," she joked.

Checks by SAYS found that there are also other videos on the Internet of vehicles using the same reverse sensor.

It's often used by larger vehicles such as trucks and lorries.

Netizens were amused by the super rare feature

One person commented, "What if you reverse at a supermarket and everyone looks over? I would be frozen in my car, not wanting to get out."

Image via TikTok

Another user wrote, "Even neighbours would know that their next-door neighbour has returned home."

Image via TikTok

"Where can I buy this? If my kid hears this, I might have to just drive backwards," another netizen joked.

Image via TikTok

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