[VIDEO] Majestic Elephant Makes A Stop At Karak Gas Station & Accepts Snacks From Hoomans

Staff members at the gas station got to interact with the gentle giant up close.

Cover image via @shellkarakbentong (TikTok)

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A short clip of an elephant accepting snacks from workers at a gas station recently went viral

It was uploaded by the @shellkarakbentong TikTok account on Tuesday, 17 August, along with a caption that read, "Thank you kakjah for always stopping by here."

The video has since garnered over 985,600 views and 79,700 likes.

In the clip, staff members at the gas station can be seen offering the animal a few buns

The calm elephant, which was inside a lorry belonging to the National Elephant Conservation Centre, happily accepted the food and took it from a Shell employee using its trunk.

After putting the bun inside its mouth, the elephant just remained inside the truck while flapping its ears.

Netizens were amused by the video and the cuteness of the elephant

The video has been shared across several different social media platforms and on Twitter, users can't stop gushing at how adorable the animal is.

One person commented, "Aaaaa elephants are so cute!"

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another user said, "Another cute animal on [the timeline] today."

Image via Twitter

"Cute like it's smiling," noted another netizen.

Image via Twitter

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