LINE Has Launched An Entire Set Of CNY Stickers And It's Super Cute

The festive sticker set’s design is inspired by the popular Chinese novel Journey to the West.

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LINE, one of the world's most famous instant messaging apps has come out with a new series of stickers, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year Festival

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This limited edition sticker set will be available for all LINE users in Malaysia to download for free and enjoy, while chatting with friends and family this festive season!

Welcoming the Year of The Monkey, the festive sticker pack's design is inspired by the popular Chinese novel Journey to the West. No worries, half pig/half human Zhu Bajie isn't missing from the pack. :P

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The stickers feature the adorable LINE Friends characters, including Brown, Cony, Moon and James, decked out in clothing reminiscent of Journey to the West, and bearing festive messages. Users can also find a special sticker designed for Malaysians featuring the iconic Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers along with popular well-wishes such as “Huat Ah!” to further heighten the festive atmosphere.

The sticker pack will also be available on LINE Camera (formerly known as aillis) as stamps where users can download and decorate their photos

We're obviously VERY excited for Chinese New Year!

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The LINE camera is definitely one of the most underrated photography apps out there. Download it on iTunes and Google Playstore now.

The animated sticker set and LINE Camera stamp are available for download in Malaysia on 2 February until 2 March through the in-app Sticker Shop. Both the set and stamp will last for 90 days from the download date.

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Before you can download the sticker pack, you would need to install LINE first! Download the app on iTunes and Google Playstore.

Did you know LINE has a new app created specifically for Google Chrome?

Die-hard fans of LINE, this list is for you!

We're glad LINE decided to keep Zhu Bajie in the sticker pack, unlike this movie poster...

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