CelcomDigi Bags 12 Opensignal Awards For Mobile Connectivity. Here's What It Means For You

As 5G progressively expands across Malaysia, CelcomDigi aims to give customers consistent and improved network service.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Celcom & Digi.

If you're a Celcom or Digi user, chances are you’ve had an improved streaming or online gaming experience.

And you're likely not the only one. A recent report by mobile analytics company Opensignal showed that mobile experience for Celcom and Digi users has improved dramatically over the past six months.

In fact, according to the report, CelcomDigi bagged a total of 12 Opensignal awards across 11 of the categories, with both their networks sharing the top spots for 5G Upload Speed, confirming their places as the most awarded mobile network and a key 4G/5G provider in the market.

If you're wondering what this means for you, it's good news — it's likely that your Internet experience under CelcomDigi is getting better and faster!

Image via Opensignal

As one of the leading networks, CelcomDigi takes pride in providing customers with one of the fastest and widest networks in the country.

As such, Celcom's Games Experience improved significantly over the past six months, indicating that gamers enjoy a better experience while gaming. This includes improvement in gaming latency and packet loss.

As for Digi users, you'll be glad to know that the telco made big strides in 5G, coming out top in five categories, namely 5G Video Experience, 5G Games Experience, 5G Voice App Experience, 5G Download Speed, and 5G Upload Speed. This means your mobile network would have improved speed and an overall improved 5G experience.

Don't believe us? Head over to Opensignal's website to find out for yourself.

The best part? With combined strength, CelcomDigi shows no signs of stopping.

CelcomDigi is continuously carrying out efforts to provide better connectivity for their customers. They are integrating and modernising their networks to build one solid and reliable network across 18,000 sites in Malaysia.

Upon completing the integration and modernisation exercise, CelcomDigi's new network will significantly elevate customers' quality of experience

This means the telco is able to provide wider coverage in the country, improving their combined reach from 96% to 98% of populated areas nationwide. Moreover, with the optimisation of sites, CelcomDigi is able to achieve a higher spectrum, improved quality of service, and much better indoor coverage. In other words, customers can now enjoy a more efficient network experience and higher Internet connectivity speed at any corner of their home.

Used to only get one bar of service back then? Worry not, as you can now enjoy an improved streaming or gaming experience with increased service up to three bars. So, whether you live in rural or urban areas, service and Internet speed are no longer a hassle for Celcom and Digi users.

Whether you use the Internet for entertainment, gaming, work, or education, you can be assured that CelcomDigi has a wide menu of product offerings and services, including 5G devices that can enable customers with the best combination of choice, value, and network experience to power their increasingly digital lives.

So, those currently using Celcom or Digi services, or if you're thinking of porting over, you can look forward to having an enhanced digital experience built on the highest standards of connectivity, speed, and reliability.

Another great thing about CelcomDigi is that their 5G plans are value for money, so you can save more, while enjoying high-speed 5G connectivity

CelcomDigi offers customers more flexibility and options, allowing them to pick plans that best fit their Internet usage. From 5G Postpaid and Prepaid plans to on-demand 5G boosters, customers can enjoy high-speed Internet up to 10 times faster on 5G.

Travelling soon? Fret not, because you can stay connected anytime, anywhere with hassle-free 5G roaming passes, covering over 32 countries with seamless and easy activation via the MyDigi or Celcom Life app.

If you're looking for an upgrade to a 5G device, CelcomDigi has got you covered. Whether it is entry- or advanced-level 5G devices, CelcomDigi offers a wide range for you to begin your 5G experience.

BTW, don't forget to pair your Celcom or Digi Postpaid plan with their home fibre plans for more savings! CelcomDigi offers ultra-fast and unlimited fibre connectivity, from 300Mbps to 1Gbps, so you can enjoy high-speed Internet at home at all times. And the best part is, you can enjoy add-ons consisting of gaming, entertainment, and smart home appliances from just RM2 per month.

As 5G progressively expands across Malaysia, CelcomDigi aims to give customers consistent and improved network service with value-added 5G deals for an enhanced Internet experience.

Find out more about what Celcom and Digi can offer you today!

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