[VIDEO] These 4 Resilient Malaysians Came Up With Unique Ways To Earn A Living During MCO

"Life has not been easy. But I can't give up. I would do anything for my family."

Cover image via Maxis (YouTube)

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To celebrate the resilient spirit of Malaysians, Maxis just launched a heartwarming and inspiring music video that showcases four Malaysians from different walks of life

Over the past year, many have gone through numerous obstacles and difficulties. Businesses struggled to stay afloat, and many people lost their jobs. 

Knowing how difficult the year has been, Maxis wants to inspire Malaysians to stay ahead of challenges through their music video that celebrates their #KauBoleh campaign. 

And it features the popular and inspiring anthem, Fikirkan Boleh! If you aren't familiar with the song, it sends a message about overcoming hurdles and rising above all, which is truly the perfect anthem for when the going gets tough!

Check out the full video here:

1. Meet fishmonger Beh Su King, who manages a stall at a wet market together with his family

Image via Maxis (YouTube)

During these unprecedented times, Beh was worried that he would not have enough to provide for his family. However, he refused to give up and came up with a different way for his business to stay afloat. 

"Life has not been easy. But I can't give up. I would do anything for my family."

Following MCO, Beh became an online seafood supplier via social media! Now, he livestreams his catch of the day and accepts online orders. Customers drive over to his stall to collect their orders. 

2. Housewife Noorazlina Mohd Karib has a nasi lemak stall right outside her house

Image via Maxis (YouTube)

As many are ordered to stay at home, Noorazlina struggled to earn a living from her nasi lemak stall.

With her kids as her main source of strength and resilience, Noorazlia decided to come up with a different way to generate a source of income. 

"This is the time I have to be strong, for my children and family. Things have changed a lot, and I must continue to be smart, persistent, and resilient in overcoming challenges."

She continued doing what she knew best – selling nasi lemak, but on top of that, she used an online platform to have orders delivered straight to her customers' home.

3. Beautician Syafinas, who had no source of income throughout MCO, set up an online bakery to earn a living

Image via Maxis (YouTube)

With no proper source of income, Syafinas was concerned about her family's livelihood.

She realised that times have changed, and she needed to adapt to these changes. 

Now, she has an online bakery where she sells cakes as well as pastries, and delivers them to her customers personally. In fact, she took the time to level up her baking skills in order to kickstart her new venture.

4. Factory worker Sinnaraja Krishnan realised he needed to find a different way to provide for his mother and siblings

Image via Maxis (YouTube)

"I'm taking care of my beloved mother and relatives, I will never give up on them."

Throughout MCO, Sinnaraja had no source of income. Knowing he had to come up with a solution, he noticed that he could make good use of his motorcycle.

That's when he decided to become a delivery rider. 

He even invested in a new phone to carry out his day-to-day activities through the delivery app.

These four Malaysians show that no matter how tough the circumstances, we can all overcome and rise above the challenges.

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