MCCA Is Said To Be Probing CIMB After Debit Card Holders Report Unauthorised Transfers

CIMB has said that the transactions are legitimate.

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The Malaysia Cyber Consumer Association (MCCA) is reportedly probing CIMB after social media was abuzz with reports of unauthorised fund transfers from the bank's debit card holders

MCCA Cyber ​​Security Head Mohamad Zulfahmy Roslan was quoted saying by New Straits Times that he received reports on the incidents involving one of the largest financial institutions in the country.

"We want to stress that the bank should be more transparent in issuing financial statement information so that it won't raise any doubts among consumers. The use of TAC should be enhanced to avoid any leakage of money," he said in a statement issued on Saturday, 4 April.

According to Mohamad Zulfahmy's statement, this is not the first time that CIMB has done this.

MCCA Cyber ​​Security Head Mohamad Zulfahmy Roslan.

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While Mohamad Zulfahmy said that they will be seeking a clarification from CIMB on the issue, he also advised the public to be more careful

"The public is also advised to maximise the use of prepaid cards to avoid having their personal information leaked," he said, adding that they can file complaints to the MCCA at its website.

This comes after CIMB customers voiced concerns online about missing money in their accounts under 'direct debit' transactions

Following which, CIMB issued a statement saying that these 'direct debit' transactions are legitimate transactions done by customers

According to the CIMB's statement, these transactions were "isolated incidents relating to incomplete transactions performed by customers with overseas merchants" such as Netflix, etc.

"However, the transaction description was re-termed as 'direct debits', causing confusion for our customers," it said in the statement issued yesterday through its official social media pages.

The clarification, however, did not sit well with everyone

CIMB has since then said that they will send an SMS notification to customers who were impacted by these 'direct debit' transactions

"Customers who were impacted by these 'direct debit' transactions, will be receiving an SMS notification today with the details of their transactions such as date, amount and the merchant description," it said.

"We will reverse the 1% administration fee charged by MasterCard, which was factored into these transactions. We regret the inconvenience caused by this."

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