Meta Has A Free AI Image Generator That Was Trained On 1.1 Billion Facebook Photos

Chances are, the AI may have been trained using your photos on social media!

Cover image via Meta

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Meta has recently launched a free AI image generator website, called Imagine with Meta AI

Image via Meta

Imagine with Meta AI was launched on Wednesday, 6 December, and is based on Meta's Emu image synthesis model.

Meta took 1.1 billion public photos from Facebook and Instagram to train its AI to create images based on text prompts. Before, Meta's tech was only used for messaging and social apps like Instagram.

If you have public photos on Facebook or Instagram, it's likely that the AI was trained using your pictures

Meta claims they only use publicly accessible photos to train their AI. If you make your photos private on Instagram or Facebook, the new AI won't be trained with your pictures.

So, unless Meta changes its policy, keeping your photos private should prevent them from being used in future AI training.

With an extensive training suite, the images produced by the AI look great so far

Image via ArsTechnica

Similar to Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 3, and Midjourney, Imagine with Meta AI produces new images by using the AI model's understanding of visual concepts learned during training.

To use this new website, you need a Meta account, and you can use your existing Facebook or Instagram credentials. For each image generated, the tool produces four 1280×1280 pixel images that can be saved as JPEGs. The images include a small "Imagined with AI" watermark in the bottom left corner.

Meta's model is pretty good at making lifelike images, although it falls short compared to Midjourney

It's better at handling tricky prompts than Stable Diffusion XL but may not match up to DALL-E 3. Text rendering isn't its strong suit, and its performance with various media outputs like watercolors or pen-and-ink is hit or miss. On the upside, it seems to represent diversity in people quite well. Overall, it's just about average in the realm of AI image synthesis these days.

There's a catch though — Imagine with Meta AI is not yet available in Malaysia

At the time of writing, Imagine with Meta AI is not accessible in the country. When accessing the application, it simply says "Not available in your location. Imagine with Meta AI isn't available in your location yet."

Meta has yet to reveal a release date for Southeast Asia.

Image via meta

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