This Local Startup Helps You Earn Money While You're Stuck In Traffic Jams

Monetise your time on the road.

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We Malaysians spend a lot of time stuck in traffic jams. In an online survey conducted by Ford earlier this year, it was revealed that Malaysians are spending more time in traffic gridlock today than a year ago.

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The carmaking company stated that out of the 1,050 respondents, 55 percent of them said they spent more time in traffic. “More than one in five said their commute was the worst part of the day,” said Ford.

That's not all. A study released by the World Bank Organisation last year shows that we clock in at least 250 million hours a year on the road. Yes, MILLION.

The report also pointed out that urban sprawl, high motorisation rates and inadequate public transport led to congestion and low usage of public transport.

One can't help but wonder - could the time spent on the road be used to maximise productivity? Well, this local startup thinks it’s a no brainer!

From left to right: Nadia Jalil, Dhanish Athif and Karam Ali

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Introducing MyBump, a local startup that aims to leverage traffic jams in the Klang Valley by acting as an advertising service utilising car stickers to turn local vehicles into a mobile and visible advertising portal.

The team - which comprises of Nadia Jalil, Dhanish Athif and Karam Ali, was inspired by KL’s usual rush hour traffic. "The idea for MyBump came upon us during one of KL’s usual rush hour traffic; sitting in the car and staring at rear ends of other cars. At times, we'll take a look at the billboards around us. It's a gruelling experience that burns fuel and time in a complete standstill," they said.

Started in April this year, MyBump is currently in talks with several promising advertisers, including ServisHero, an app that connects users to service providers

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“One of the advertisers that we are currently in talks with (and we are able to disclose) is ServisHero, a mobile-first solution connecting consumers with local service providers in South East Asia,” said the MyBump team to Vulcan Post.

With an in-house consultation team, the startup works together with brands on the designs and content of the stickers

Once a brand has confirmed the design and content for the sticker, MyBump would use a custom made one-way vision sticker that will not affect the driver's rear vision. Don't worry, the sticker is also JPJ-compliant!

Drivers can earn a base amount of RM200 per month for each sticker. They can also enjoy exclusive gifts and freebies from the brands.

Drivers can endorse up to 2 brands at any given time, provided that the rear window of their car can fit 2 stickers between the sizes of 24″ x 12″ and 18″x 12″, without overlapping each other. Drivers are also free to choose the brands they want to endorse on their cars.

To join MyBump, the driver has to own a car and a valid driver's license. A background check might be conducted to ensure the driver has a clean and untarnished driving record.

An example of the sticker

Image via MyBump's Facebook page

At the moment, the startup has garnered over 250 drivers and are still growing their database. They also have a mobile app in the works. Interested? You can register yourself as a MyBump driver here and you'll hear from them very soon!

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Speaking of traffic jams, many of our daily actions on the road contribute to the forming of traffic congestion in one way or another:

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