PTPTN Launches New Mobile App Called myPTPTN To Help Customers With Loan Repayment & More

Plus, win cash prizes worth up to RM250,000 by using the services available in the myPTPTN mobile app.

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Guess what? PTPTN has made it so much easier to access their services with a newly launched mobile app!

Available for download via Google Play, the App Store, and HUAWEI App Gallery, myPTPTN was developed in conjunction with PTPTN's 25th Silver Jubilee Celebration.

Released on 29 March, myPTPTN is meant to be a one-stop centre for various PTPTN services for the convenience of Malaysians

With the app, Malaysians will be able to carry out PTPTN services anytime, anywhere, without borders.

Here are the kinds of services you can use via myPTPTN:

1. Perform loan repayment and additional deposits to Simpan SSPN savings account
Users can make additional deposits to their Simpan SSPN savings account or PTPTN loan repayments for their own accounts as well as for third parties.

2. Open a new Simpan SSPN savings account
Users can open a Simpan SSPN savings account for themselves or their children.

3. Download statement review
Users can review, print, and save copies of their loan and Simpan SSPN statements that have been downloaded.

4. Make excess repayments transfers
Users can transfer excess repayments to their own loan account and savings account.

5. Make Simpan SSPN savings transfers
Users can transfer to their own loan account and Simpan SSPN savings account.

6. Apply for loan repayment/Simpan SSPN savings deposits via Direct Debit, Auto Debit, and salary deduction
Users can apply for Direct Debit, Auto Debit, or Salary Deduction for monthly payments of PTPTN loans and Simpan SSPN savings deposits. Plus, users can update their employer's information as well.

7. Apply for loan balance confirmation
Users can apply for confirmation of loan balance for debt settlement purposes.

8. Download the Debt Settlement Letter (SPH)
Users can download SPH once they have made a full settlement on their loans.

9. Update user information
Users can update their telephone number, email, mailing address, login phrase, and favourite accounts.

10. Push notifications
Information or notifications can be channeled to users quickly via push notification in the inbox located in myPTPTN. Among them are the Loan Advance (WPP) offer notification, loan approval notification, and loan date notification credited into the account. This feature will prove useful to students waiting to hear good news from PTPTN about their loans.

11. Favourite account
Users can maintain a favourite account to facilitate transactions either for loan repayment or Simpan SSPN savings account in the future.

myPTPTN is also equipped with various security features to ensure your information is safe and secure

Image via PTPTN

For starters, you'll need to select a security image, as it is used to secure the application connected to myPTPTN's official website. Since only one login is allowed, you will immediately be signed out of any other secondary devices.

As for your confidential information, it will not be stored on your mobile device, as PTPTN will always update the controls safety options in accordance with current practices and technologies on a regular basis.

To access myPTPTN and use all its convenient features, here's how you can register:

STEP 1: Open the myPTPTN app and tap 'Daftar Sekarang'

STEP 2: Enter your full name according to your identity card (IC) and your IC number. Key in your information, such as your email, mobile number, and mailing address. Set your password, security phrase/safety icon, and provide your consent for the verification of information and disclaimer. Request a TAC number and activate your myPTPTN account with the link sent to your email.

Complete the Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) identity verification process by taking a photo of the front and back of your IC, and a selfie

Remember to perform the eKYC verification process, so you'll have access to all myPTPTN services, including those that require online transactions.

In conjunction with the release of the mobile app, the 'myPTPTN Klik-klik je!' campaign has been launched as well, and is set to run from 29 March until 15 June!

Open to all users of myPTPTN, the winners will be chosen based on their activity on the app by performing the following actions:

- Download the myPTPTN app on a smartphone and completer identity verification
- PTPTN loan repayment transactions
- Simpan SSPN account additional deposit transactions
- Application for salary deduction for loan repayment and/or Simpan SSPN savings
- Application for Direct Debit for loan repayment and/or Simpan SSPN savings

Wah, so easy to participate, kan? Here are the categories and the prizes up for grabs:

- Win RM10,000 (5 winners) if you're the 252nd, 2,525th, 25,252nd, 252,525th, and 525,252nd user to successfully download the myPTPTN app with identity verification
- Win RM10,000 (6 winners) if you successfully made the 25th, 252nd, 2,525th, 25,252nd, 252,525th, and 525,252nd transaction for loan repayment
- Win RM10,000 (6 winners) if you successfully made the 25th, 252nd, 2,525th, 25,252nd, 252,525th, and 525,252nd transaction for additional deposits to Simpan SSPN savings
- Win RM10,000 (4 winners) if your complete application for salary deduction is the 25th, 252nd, 2,525th, and 25,252nd
- Win RM10,000 (4 winners) if your complete application for Auto Debit is the 25th, 252nd, 2,525th, and 25,252nd

Ready to win big with 'myPTPTN Klik-klik je!'? Download the myPTPTN app from Google Play, App Store, and HUAWEI App Gallery now to participate!

For more information about myPTPTN, head over to this website.

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