[PHOTOS] Malaysians Reminisce Over Old Phones They Used Back In The Day

These phones could survive rain, fire, and falling down from three-storey buildings.

Cover image via Pinoyeshop & 7review

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What was the first phone that you ever used?

A Nokia? BlackBerry? Motorola?

Phones we grew up with were so indestructible that you'd rarely hear issues of cracked screens or low batteries. In fact, your Nokia back then could probably go for days without being charged.

A Twitter thread by @XavierNaxa went viral recently with Malaysians sharing photos of old phones that they used growing up.

He recalled how during the 2000s, a SIM card would've cost you a whopping RM238, while it only costs around RM10 today. (You also know you're old when you understand the pain of having to shorten words just to fit all the characters into one text.)

In his tweet, he shared that his first phone was the Nokia 8250, which led Malaysians to reminisce about phones that they used to have. Here's a look at some of them:

1. Ericsson GH 688

2. Alcatel OT Easy

3. Nokia 8250

4. Nokia 1100

5. Bosch 509e

6. Nokia 2100

7. Philips Twist

8. Nokia C3-00

9. Siemens C25

10. Nokia 3100

11. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

12. Nokia 3210

13. Motorola Razr V3

14. Nokia 7610

15. Motorola T190

16. Alcatel OT835

17. Nokia 2700 Classic

18. Nokia 6300

And here are a few others we couldn't leave out, such as the unforgettable — Nokia 3315

Nokia 1600

Image via Pinoyeshop

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

Image via Softpedia

Nokia 3250

Image via AliExpress

Didn't spot your old phone on this list? Let us know what you used!

Before smartphones and Spotify, do you guys remember listening to music on these?

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