This App Provides Accurate Solat Timings, Quran Verses & More Just In Time For Ramadan

Use the features available in the Waktu Solat Malaysia app to boost your productivity during the holy month.

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As the month of Ramadan is finally here, it is the perfect time for reflection and performing acts of worship to become better Muslims

Building better habits this Ramadan is possible with Waktu Solat Malaysia, as this convenient app has a plethora of features such as prayer times, list of duas, guidelines for solat, and more.

Available for download from Google Play, the App Store, and HUAWEI App Gallery, Waktu Solat Malaysia has an easy-to-use interface, so you can navigate your way around the app easily. From conducting your daily and voluntary prayers to reading verses from the Quran, this Islamic app is here to help.

Here are five useful features of the Waktu Solat Malaysia app:

1. Set reminders via the app's settings feature so you'll always be updated on the timings for your prayers

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Aside from setting reminders for compulsory prayers such as Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, and Isyak, you even have the option to include reminders for Imsak and Syuruk timings, and additional prayers such as Dhuha. You can even use the app's digital magnetic compass to determine the Kibla direction.

2. The app also provides step-by-step instructions for different kinds of prayers

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If you need to perform Solat Jamak while you travel, or Solat Tahajjud late at night, you will find detailed guidelines provided, from the recitations to the actions required as you pray. Other prayers include Solat Dhuha, Solat Hajat, Solat Taubat, and Istikharah.

3. After you have performed your prayers, you can use the app to recite wirid and zikir (Islamic meditations)

If you find it difficult to memorise the recitations, don't fret! Simply tap the top left side of the app, and there is a section where you'll find the list of wirid and zikir. These include tasbih as well as duas such as Al-Fatihah and the three 'Quls'. 

4. All verses of the Quran are available via the Waktu Solat Malaysia app, so you may read the holy book anytime you wish

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What's also great is that the app includes Juz', which is essentially the Quran separated into 30 equal sections. You may recite one Juz' per night during your Tarawikh prayers, and at the end of Ramadan, you will have recited the entire Quran. 

5. With features such as Halaqah and Tanyalah Ustaz, you'll never run out of things to watch and learn

Halaqah features episodes of Muslim scholars in Malaysia, as they discuss important topics pertaining to Islam. As for Tanyalah Ustaz, it is a live Q&A session which talks about matters such as fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), aqidah (religious belief system or creed), munakahat (Islamic Fiqh law relating to marriage, divorce, the husband's responsibilities, etc), tasawuf (sufism), hadiths, and interpretation of the Quran.

Are you ready to observe the month of Ramadan with Waktu Solat Malaysia? Download the Islamic app via Google Play, the App Store or HUAWEI App Gallery to get started!

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