Elevate Your Hangout Breaks With KITKAT's New Bar That's Perfect For Sharing

More chocolate, more indulgence!

Cover image via KITKAT (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Nestlé KITKAT.

Mmmm, the oh-soooo indulgent KITKAT Bar! A delicious treat that many can't get enough of. <3

Be it milk or dark chocolate, KITKAT Bar definitely has a special place in our hearts (and tummies, hehe!). Whether you're indulging in a treat for yourself, or sharing with your family and friends while you spend time together, there's nothing quite like the joy of biting into some yummy cocoa-coated morsels.

If you're looking for some chocolatey snacks to take your lepak sessions to the next level, we'd totally recommend the new KITKAT Bar that comes with more chocolate, which means more indulgence for your next break!

The chocolate bar treat that has become synonymous with "taking a break" now comes in a version that's got more chocolate! This KITKAT has got more chocolate, and what's awesome is that it's imported from Australia, wah.

These KITKAT Bars come in two different variants, Milk and Dark Chocolate, and wow — the chocolate is super rich (trust us, we couldn't stop munching on them after a single bite, hehe).

The dark chocolate variant was decadent, smooth, and indulgent, perfect for chocolate lovers who prefer a deeper flavour profile. On the other hand, the milk chocolate KITKAT Bar would suit those who like their chocolate more on the creamy side. The best part about both bars? They boast the perfect balance of smooth chocolate and signature crispy wafers, giving every bite a gratifying and creamy crunch — soooo puas.

The new KITKAT Bar comes in a BIG block of chocolate made up of 11-finger layers that are easily shareable!

Each portion is the perfect size for an indulgent snack at any time of the day. Simply break off a wafer finger and pop one into your mouth, and just indulge in its chocolatey goodness.

With a smoother texture, deeper flavour profile, and more chocolate, the KITKAT Bar makes an indulgent treat that will be perfect for your next break! You can munch on them in the comfort of your own home, at work, or while on a road trip with your friends and fam because KITKAT's gotchu.

The KITKAT Bar will give you an indulgent snack sesh wherever you are. :D

Besides that, the KITKAT Bar comes in resealable packaging so that you can store it for your next indulgent break

Yepp, so once you're done, you can seal these chocolate wafer bars up. But, if you wanna eat it all by yourself in one go, we also won't judge you lah! :p

Also, the KITKAT Bar is Halal-certified by HCAA (Halal Certification Authority Australia) recognised by JAKIM Malaysia.

Ready for your next indulgent break? Don't forget to grab a KITKAT Bar available at major supermarkets, or from e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee today!

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