North-South Highway To Have RFID Toll Booths By 15 Jan As TNG & SmartTAG Slowly Phase Out

Highway users are encouraged to switch to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to enjoy a better travel experience.

Cover image via Bernama via New Straits Times

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The Ministry of Works (KKR) announced today, 16 December, that the North-South Expressway (NSE) will start to have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) toll booths by 15 January 2022

In a statement published on Twitter, the ministry stated that RFID toll booths will be accessible to light private vehicles (Class 1) on the longest highway in Malaysia.

Light private vehicles (Class 1), by definition, means "vehicles with two axles and three or four wheels, excluding taxis".

Other than sedans, hatchbacks, and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), vans and pickup trucks fall into the same category as well.

The seamless toll-paying system will be installed at toll plazas from Juru, Penang to Skudai, Johor.

KKR said that the implementation is in line with the Intelligent Transport System Blue Print, which includes the Multi-Lane Free-Flow (MLFF) system that is also spearheaded by the ministry.

With RFID, drivers can cross toll booths at 30km/h, effectively reducing traffic congestion that is often found at toll plazas

"Other than that, RFID enables one to perform touchless payment that reduces the risk of COVID-19 infections," read the statement.

"RFID also offers cashless digital security and top-ups via Touch 'n Go eWallet that eliminates the need to visit top-up lanes or counters."

The ministry said that RFID tags can be obtained at a low cost. Motorists can purchase the tags through the Touch 'n Go eWallet app, the Touch 'n Go portal, or through agents that have been appointed to fit the gadgets on their behalf.

"One can also buy and fit the tags at 39 such centres in Peninsular Malaysia," it said.

You can find all the centres here.

The ministry assured that Touch 'n Go and SmartTAG toll booths will still be available, but it is aiming to slowly phase them out to enable the MLFF system to be instituted

As such, KKR and the Malaysian Highway Authority urge highway users to immediately switch to the RFID toll payment system to enjoy a better and easier travel experience that is in line with current technological developments.

For more information, you can visit PLUS' website and Touch 'n Go's portal.

Below is the full statement:

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