Pizza Hut Comes Up With An Ingenious Way To Watch Movies With Your Pizza Box

Pizza and movie will always go well together.

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Attention all pizza and movie lovers - the day that you've been waiting for is finally here...

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Pizza Hut is topping their pizza delivery with something extra special: pizza boxes that convert into MOVIE PROJECTORS. No kidding. Not edible either.

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Pizza Hut has released a pizza box that is also a movie projector. The company will deliver it to your front door. The box comes with a special lens that will beam a movie – played on your iPhone – on to your wall, or screen, or sister.

Designed by Oglivy and Mather Hong Kong as a marketing stunt, the 'Blockbuster Box' comes with a pop-out hole at the side of the box and a pizza table (the little thing that holds your pizza in place) with projector lens

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All you have to do next is to pop up the hole and push it in the projector lens

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There'll be a QR code at the side of the box where you can scan with your phone, it will then bring you to a webpage with a movie for your viewing pleasure. Voila! You're good to go!

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There are four different boxes, each comes with a different movie for you to watch

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They're called Slice Night (for horror fans), Anchovy Armageddon (for science-fiction), Hot & Ready (for romance), and Fully Loaded (for an action flick).

We would really love to try it out although it might get our phones greasy and oily from sticking it in the box. But first, we'll have to figure out a way to Hong Kong because the box is only available there...

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Want to send an SMS with your oily and greasy fingers? You can do it with the KFC grease-proof keyboard!

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