This Cute Game Console By A US Game Publisher Will Be Made In Malaysia

'Playdate' comes from 'Firewatch' game publisher Panic.

Cover image via Playdate/Twitter @azsamad (Edited by SAYS)

The publisher behind 'Firewatch' is bringing to life a mini handheld game console - and it'll be produced right here in Malaysia!

Image via Playdate

Mashable Southeast Asia reported that the discovery was first made by Malaysian musician Az Samad in a Twitter exchange with Panic engineer Dave Hayden.

Here's a closer look at the "Made in Malaysia" marking:

In a follow-up reply, Hayden revealed that 'Playdate' will be manufactured in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

"Our production consultant recommended a factory he works with there, and they're a great fit for this project," he said, adding that the team has visited Malaysia "a number of times over the last year" and "have totally fallen in love with Malaysia".

"Wonderful people! Incredible food!" he continued.

'Playdate' is billed as a brand new handheld video game system that is "not quite like anything else"

According to the FAQ page, here are some unique features to expect from the device:

- a rotational analog controller (aka a crank) that flips out from the side and "puts a new spin on games", and

- a black and white screen that, although is not backlit, is super reflective and "an aesthetic like no other".

Additionally, the GameBoy-esque device will have what the developers call a "season" of games

Image via The Verge

No cartridges or game downloads will be needed.

Instead, players will have 12 secret games delivered right to the device once a week.

Each game is developed specifically for the Playdate by some of the most "exciting" indie game developers, including Keita Takahashi, Bennett Foddy, Shaun Inman, and Zach Gage.

Panic plans to retail the Playdate at USD149 (approximately RM625)

Orders for the Playdate will open later this year on its official website.

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