Steam Will Be Releasing An Official Controller, But Won't Be The Ones Making Them

It's time for a new and improved official controller.

Cover image via Hori (Twitter) & Hori

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Almost five years after Valve stopped making the Steam Controller, a new officially licenced gamepad for Steam is coming out soon

Japanese gaming peripherals manufacturer Hori has announced the Wireless Horipad for Steam. It mimics the Steam Deck's menu buttons, and features touch sensors on its sticks for gyro control.

It supports Bluetooth wireless and USB-C wired connections, and offers extensive customisation through Hori's software. However, it isn't a direct successor to the Steam Controller as it lacks rumble, a matching set of four back buttons, and the Steam Deck's signature trackpads.

The controller is set to launch in Japan on 31 October in four colours — black, white, neon yellow, and violet — with a price of 7,890 yen (RM231).

The new controller looks intuitive, as it maintains the traditional layout and buttons the original Steam Controller is known for

The original Steam Controller, which came with the now-defunct Steam Machine and Steam Link streaming hardware, was discontinued in 2019. It gained attention for featuring two trackpads instead of the typical dual analog joysticks. Some users found this setup more fluid and intuitive, while others were hesitant about learning a new control scheme.

Image via Steam

Hori's official Steam controller adopts a more conventional layout, with ergonomically placed thumbsticks, a directional pad positioned below the left thumb, and a traditional X-Y-A-B button configuration, along with shoulder buttons and analog triggers.

Of course, all buttons are customisable, but for console games also available on Steam, Hori offers a straightforward solution that plays like a PlayStation or Xbox controller right out of the box, without any complications.

Image via Hori

For now, Hori has yet to announce if the controller will be launched worldwide

The official Hori website only mentions a Japan release for the time being. However, things might change as the release date approaches closer.

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