You Can Now Stream 24 Netflix Titles In M'sia With Cinema-Quality Audio At No Extra Cost

Just go over to your Netflix search bar and search "spatial audio".

Cover image via GAMINGSYM & TechNave

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Netflix users, rejoice! A new and improved listening experience has arrived. :O

Recently, Netflix and German audio company Sennheiser announced that they will be integrating a newly-developed audio on select Netflix streaming content to deliver a significantly improved listening experience.

So, what's the significance of this new audio experience?

Amid a survey conducted among viewers, it was clear that most viewers watch their streaming content through devices with standard audio, a.k.a. sound that comes from two or more speakers.

However, with Netflix's and Sennheiser's newly-developed AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio renderer, viewers can now experience a Dolby Atmos level of audio often used in films in movie theatres.

What this means is, viewers will now be able to effectively experience a 'cinema-style' sound experience, where sounds surround you from the front, behind, from the side, and even above your head. As a result, your watching experience will feel more immersive and exciting.

The cool thing is that you don't need to have a home cinema setup to benefit from this new listening experience

Image via AUTO-DS

Basically, this new audio was developed so users operating devices with standard audio systems can experience 'cinema-style' audio quality through their standard devices.

So generally any device or gadget that can run Netflix will benefit from it — be it laptops, tablets, stereo systems, TV sets, or smartphones with stereo audio. 

"How do I know which titles have spatial audio?"

Simple! Just go over to your Netflix search bar and search "spatial audio". In Malaysia, there are currently 24 titles that support this audio feature. 

Image via SAYS

In fact, the trending Stranger Things 4 supports this spatial audio feature too!

Image via Digital Spy

Netflix is the first ever streaming platform to deliver on this new audio experience. One of their select titles is Stranger Things 4.

Through this enhanced audio, viewers will be able to experience enhanced spatial audio automatically when they watch shows like Stranger Things — with no extra changes required.

Now, viewers can listen to the screeching beauty of their favourite Demogorgons more immersively than ever!

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