Good News For Malaccans! Tesla Launches Latest Supercharger At Freeport A'Famosa

Tesla owners, rejoice!

Cover image via Automotive News Europe & Freeport A'Famosa Outlet

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Tesla owners can now enjoy peace of mind whenever they travel to the historical state of Melaka

Tesla has just launched their fourth Supercharger station in Malaysia Freeport A'Famosa Outlet shopping mall.

This new Supercharging station will enable Tesla owners to charge their vehicles for cross-country trips in not only Malaysia but also Singapore.

Image via The Star

The latest Tesla V3 Supercharging station at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet features four new Superchargers and a Destination Charger

The V3 Supercharger runs at an efficiency of 250kW, providing the Model 3 with a range of up to 282km in just 15 minutes; a full charge taking will take approximately an hour.

The Malaccan Supercharger is the fourth Supercharger station in the Malaysian Supercharger network, with a total of 20 Superchargers now available in Malaysia.

Tesla's mobile app helps owners monitor their vehicle's charging stats while they run their errands

The seamless integration between Tesla vehicles and the mobile application allows owners to easily navigate, precondition the vehicle's battery, and access charging stations for a convenient and swift charging process.

This includes instant monitoring of charger availability, charging progress, payment, and technical assistance, among other functionalities.

The Tesla Supercharger Parking Bay will cost RM5 per hour for owners to charge their cars

The supercharging rate is RM1.25/kWh. It also comes with an Idle fee of up to RM4.00 per minute when the Supercharging station is fully occupied.

The Tesla Destination Chargers are free to use for Tesla vehicle owners, until further notice.

Also, it's worth noting that the Parking Bay is open 24/7.

To support a seamless and convenient ownership experience for all Tesla owners in the country, Tesla also offers a Home Charging Program

Image via Tesla

Owners can plug in when they get home and let the Tesla charge while they sleep.

The Tesla Wall Connector supplies a full charge without the need to leave the house, providing up to 71km of range per hour (with a 3-phase supply).

The Tesla Wall Connector is designed for easy installation in a variety of homes and offers convenient, fast charging for every Tesla owner, at any time of the day. Wall Connectors will be available soon.

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