The iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Are Now RM500 Cheaper

If you've been wanting to purchase Apple's latest handset, now's the time.

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In the market for a new iPhone 7? Now is probably the best time to get your hands on Apple's latest handset because a number of retailers are giving the phone a substantial discount.

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Authorised Apple retailers like Machines and Switch have reduced the price of iPhone 7 with 128GB and 256GB storage

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The revised price of the 128GB iPhone 7 is now the same as the base iPhone 7 32GB model at RM3,199.

If you bought a 32GB iPhone 7 recently, we're sorry. :(

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The 256GB iPhone 7, which retailed at RM4,199, is now priced at RM3,699 after a RM500 discount.

iPhone 7's bigger brother, the 7 Plus, also received the RM500 discount

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The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB can be purchased at RM3,799 while the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB is now priced at RM4,299.

The discounted iPhones are currently available for purchase both online and in-store

Aside from Machines and Switch, Harvey Norman and Senheng are offering the same offer as well.

According to Senheng's Facebook post, the offer is only valid from 26 February - 25 March. We're unsure if the time period applies to every participating outlet.

The prices of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus remain unchanged on Apple's webstore.

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