This App Connects Students, Teachers & More In Workshops That Build Leadership Skills

The Risers feature programmes and initiatives that focus on building school culture, community, and identity through positive values, skills, and knowledge.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Taylor's College. 

Taylor's College recently teamed up with Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (JPWKL) to drive community outreach initiatives via The Risers

The Risers 2.0 was launched back in July at SMK St Mary Kuala Lumpur.

Image via Taylor's College (Provided to SAYS)

Not sure what The Risers is all about? It's a homegrown community by Taylor's College aiming to engage, equip, and empower Malaysians in education.

In fact, it has a mobile app and portal which students and school leaders can use to collaborate and network with peers and like-minded individuals, among others. 

The platform serves to 'ENGAGE' secondary school leaders and students nationwide, 'EQUIP' them with the knowledge and skills needed in school and beyond, and 'EMPOWER' them to curate their own pathway in life whilst giving back to society.

Together with JPWKL, Taylor's College will identify places within Kuala Lumpur to hold educational workshops, community-led projects, and networking opportunities

Promoting positive values, skills, and knowledge, programmes and initiatives under The Risers will focus on building school culture, community, and identity.  

Through The Risers, you'll be able to connect with students from all over the country, and more importantly, people who are currently in the same boat as you. This includes getting invites to exclusive workshops and events where you can pick up new skills that'll help you develop personally and professionally.

"Now, we wish to extend the same opportunity for the entire school community – where students, school leaders, parents, and the surrounding community can be engaged, equipped, and empowered to lead their lives with purpose through education," said Taylor's College Campus Director, Josephine Tan.

Taylor's College Campus Director Josephine Tan shared that the institution is preparing to roll out more initiatives under The Risers in the upcoming months, and hopes to foster many more collaborations with the Ministry of Education.

Image via Taylor's College (Provided to SAYS)

Check out some community engagements hosted by The Risers since 2022:

1. Collaborated with youths across Malaysia for intellectual discussion and discourse on some of society's most pressing issues

The Risers has already implemented several community engagements since the beginning of 2022, including events like Youth P.A.C.T.

Image via Taylor's College (Provided to SAYS)

This was made possible with long-time collaborator, the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking (MIDP), which Taylor's College partnered with to organise the Youth Partnership in Action to Change Tomorrow, better known as Youth P.A.C.T.

Open dialogues shared during Youth P.A.C.T seeks to develop participants' traits that allow them to become passionate and forward-thinking leaders.

2. Helped 1,000 students and families with school bags and writing equipment

JPWPKL and Taylor's distributed the school supplies to various schools within Kuala Lumpur.

Image via Taylor's College (Provided to SAYS)

Back in March, Taylor's College and JPWKL organised the 'Bag to School' programme to give back to the community around Bangsar, Pudu, Keramat, and Sentul ahead of schools reopening.  

3. Awarded RM10,000 to a school and passionate teacher in Pahang for building Malaysia's first disabled-friendly multimedia studio

Mohammad Hazeem Azemi (left) and his autistic student, Irfan Harris, in SMK Kuala Krau's OKU Multimedia Studio.

Image via Taylor's College (Provided to SAYS)

Cikgu Hazeem from SMK Kuala Krau, Pahang was crowned the winner of RISE Educator of the Year — a category under the RISE Educator Award which was launched last year to give appreciation and recognition to extraordinary educators in Malaysia.

4. Launched a RM1 million tuition sponsorship programme that benefitted over 500 students preparing for SPM exams

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Bernama Via Free Malaysia Today

Students received free online tuition for English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, and History, together with tuition credit for additional lessons in subjects of their choice, all amounting to RM2,000 per student.

Set up in partnership with Youth World Development Sdn Bhd — an online tuition platform which launched the MyTuition programme back in 2020 — students and school leaders also get to connect with some of the country's most reputable teachers, who have agreed to join in this initiative to provide free classes. 

More information on the tuition sponsorship programme and upcoming registration will be made available on The Risers mobile app.

If these sound like opportunities you don't wanna miss out on, download The Risers app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store here.

You'll also be able to look forward to 'The Risers Race' — a week-long online competition that The Risers will be organising from 5 to 9 September!

Through 'The Risers Race', students will get to participate in various activities to earn points and compete to win exciting prizes such as the new Playstation 5, iPad, iWatch and more.

All you need to do is download The Risers App, take part in the workshops and quizzes, and invite your friends to join in the fun. Earn as many points as you can to score yourself amazing prizes — take the challenge today! :D

Find out more about The Risers and its various programmes on Taylor's College's website

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