Has Yoodo's Scientist Gone Mad? Get 20GB For Only RM20 And Win A Trip To Seoul!

Experiment 2X2X is a success. :D

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Yoodo.

Scientists can be considered the true MVPs of life

We have life-changing inventions thanks to real-life science heroes like Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla, while our generation's Bill Nye the Science Guy helps us understand the world better through fun and thoughtful experiments.

Meanwhile, pop culture fan favourites like Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future and Rick of Rick and Morty serve us plenty of onscreen fascination when it comes to science fiction entertainment too.

And, if there's one thing they have in common, it's that they all posses a streak of genius — some would even go as far as to call them 'mad geniuses' too, heheh.  

Well, friends, have you heard? Turns out Yoodo has its very own mad scientist who has successfully concocted an irresistible deal on mobile data just for you — 20GB for only RM20! ;D

Yoodo, Malaysia's first truly customisable and fully digital mobile service provider has finally created the perfect formula to give you the best plan for your money.

The result? 20GB of mobile data that you can enjoy for only RM20. In other words, Experiment 2X2X is a success, yasss!

Plus, Yoodo lets #yoodoityourway so you can get tonnes of data AND have the flexibility to customise your mobile plans any way you like!

Check out this brand new, fun video from Yoodo

Need fast and reliable Internet? Yoodo has you covered! Fully powered by Celcom's widest 4G LTE network, you'll be able to game, stream, and surf all day, and all night long. 

Plus, your plan, your way. With over two million potential plan combinations to choose from, you can change your mobile plan anytime, anywhere, with no contracts or hidden fees.

If you think life is bleak without your gaming and streaming apps, then this attractive deal is definitely worth a look. Get 20GB of dedicated, blazing fast data for any of your favourite apps that are on heavy rotation, including TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and more for up to 40% off, from only RM1 per month. :O

And now, everyone with a Yoodo line, including new users who sign up, can enjoy more rewards thanks to Yoodo Points

Yoodo Points can be used to purchase and pay for your monthly plans and Yoodo Products. Plus, you can earn more Yoodo Points by referring your friends to Yoodo! ;D

Psst, start referring your friends to Yoodo and you may even win yourself a holiday to Seoul with your bestie!

Been saving a bunch of travel inspo posts, and wanna see your favourite destinations again — all for free? All you gotta do is switch to Yoodo, start referring as many friends as you can before 31 October 2022, and you'll stand a chance to win a trip to Seoul, wheee!

Every friend you refer will earn you 2,000 Yoodo Points — not to mention a chance to win grand prizes such as a 4D3N trip to Seoul, 3D2N Bangkok trip, or 2D1N local glamping trip!

You'll also get to reap monthly rewards in the form of extra Yoodo Points, one-year free subscription for Majoriti news portal + 2D1N staycation, and Touch n' Go eWallet credit.

And the best part? Not only will your friend get free 7GB of data when they join Yoodo using your referral code, they will also enjoy a one-year free subscription for Majoriti news portal + 2D1N staycation! Act fast if you wanna win though, as there are limited chances available. :)

Find out more about the Ajak, Ajak, Menang campaign.

If you're a new user, you'll first need to download the Yoodo app, where you can order a free Yoodo SIM and customise your plan

Or, you can also get a Yoodo SIM from Celcom bluecube, BHPetroMart, or Petronas Mesra outlets.

New users will get 5GB free high-speed data upon activating their Yoodo SIM, so there is one more reason for you to consider switching to Yoodo.

Here's how you can score this deal entirely online:

Step 1: Just order a Yoodo SIM
Step 2: 
Then, under the Customise Your Plan option, select 20GB as the base data plan to purchase it for only RM20!

That's it! Congratulations, you now have a lot of data. And, if you run out, there is no need to fret, 'cause you can easily get another 20GB for only RM20. :D

Download the Yoodo app from the App Store, Google Play, or HUAWEI App Gallery

So, whatchu waiting for? With Yoodo, start embracing your inner 'mad scientist' and customise your data plan to your liking. ;D

Visit Yoodo's website for more info about its customisable mobile plans and how you can order a free SIM.

ICYMI, you can now top up your Touch 'n Go card through your phone:

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