This App Allows Your Android Devices To Have The Same Alert Feature Like The iPhone 14 Pro

It is currently in beta, and also offers customisation features as well!

Cover image via Aditya Chinchure / Unsplash & Mobmet

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The new iPhone 14 Pro models have revamped their notch. Named Dynamic Island, this versatile feature simultaneously acts as a notification, alert, and activities tool in both design and functionality.

Instead of a notch, the Dynamic Island offers useful information to all the things that you're doing. These include a tiny thumbnail of album art based on the music you're listening to, AirDrop file transfers, low battery alerts, and many more!

A large part of why the Dynamic Island works is due to Apple's new mobile processor, the A16 Bionic Chip, which is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models and the reworked display design.

According to TrustedReviews, the positioning of the camera and sensors cutout has slight moved, and the proximity sensors were moved to the back of the display, which is a first for Apple.

And now, thanks to indie developer Jawomo, Android users can have a taste of this feature too!

Image via CNET

The app is called dynamicSpot, and it imitates the look, feel, and features of Apple's Dynamic Island. Not only that, but users will also be able to play around with customisation features such as positioning, size, and even how rounded or not the edges are!

You can even change the look, if you want.

Currently, dynamicSpot is available and free to download through Google Play, alongside a pro option as well

The pro options retails at USD4.99 (approximately RM23) and unlocks new features for the app such as being able to show on the lock screen, and added functionality including short and long press actions.

However, do keep in mind that the app is currently in beta, so if you use it and find any bugs, it's probably a good idea to leave feedback!

Finally, here's a comparison of how the two notifications and alerts feature look like side by side

Dynamic Island (left) & dynamicSpot (right)

Image via 9TO5Mac & Mashable

Android users who want to try out the app can download it here

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