[VIDEO] This YouTuber Crashed His Car To Test The iPhone 14 Pro's Crash Detection Feature

That's what we call dedication.

Cover image via YouTube (TechRax)

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Tech YouTuber TechRax, famous for videos where he smashes an array of smartphones and gadgets to test their durability, recently came out with a new video

The video seeks to take his durability exploits to the next level, as he straps the newly-released iPhone 14 Pro on a moving car as it crashes onto obstacles to test its 'Crash Detection' feature.

Essentially, the 'Crash Detection' feature initiates a countdown-timer of 10 seconds before calling your emergency contact to notify them that you were in an accident.

Here's what went down:

First, he connected the car to a remote-controlled adapter which allowed him to accelerate the car by just pushing on the trigger

A brand new iPhone 14 Pro was also nicely plastered behind the driver's head rest to ensure that it was easily accessible and would not fly out of the car.

Next, he tried a low-speed crash into a line of scrap metal cars

TechRax stated that it was important to get a direct hit and not miss to ensure that the iPhone 14 Pro would properly detect the car crash.

It can be seen that the car bumps into one of the scrap cars quite hard, raising it slightly higher.

After the crash, TechRax rushed to the car to check if the iPhone's 'Crash Detection' was initiated. Just as advertised, there was roughly ten-second delay after point of contact, the phone did pick up on the car crash.

As if that wasn't enough, TechRax simulated a second car crash, faster than the first time

Essentially, the second attempt was more of a 'confirmation' crash to see if the 'Crash Detection' would work again. The car appeared in a more banged-up state due to the effects of the first crash.

The car accelerated faster in the second crash attempt, and the impact was stronger too.

Smoke and fluids were seen coming out of the car as it impacted into the obstacles.

Just like after the first crash attempt, the iPhone's 'Crash Alert' detection initiated after a good ten seconds or so

The feature worked on both attempts!

Although the car was mangled after the two crashes, it appeared to still be functioning well

They even took it to do wheelies after, haha!

You can watch the full video here:

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