Wow, Apple Handpicked This Malaysian's Video For Its 'Shot on iPhone’ Campaign!

Shot in Sepang.

You've probably seen these 'Shot on iPhone' billboards along major highways in Klang Valley

Image via Vernie Man

This billboard, located in Bangsar, showcased a photo taken with an iPhone 6.

The 'Shot On iPhone' ad series has been hugely successful since it was introduced in early 2015. The series curates photos taken with the iPhone 6 and 6s from all over the world.

Image via Daily Billboard

Image via Alien Skin

The campaign even took home the top prize in the Outdoor Lions category at the Cannes Grand Prix festival in June, 2015. The campaign laid low for a while and was rebooted in February 2016 with all-new images from the iPhone 6s.

Now, Apple has extended the series by handpicking eight videos showcasing the handset's ability to capture high-quality footages in different environments. To our delight, one of them was shot by a Malaysian!

The 15-second video clip by John L, plays like a live-action homage of the famous "Follow Me To" Instagram series.

Shot in slow-mo at a beach in Sepang, the video perfectly captures the beautiful amber sunset and low contrast areas of the woman's back

So dreamyyyyyyy.

Really awesome stuff, John! You can check out the full version here:

Make sure you follow him on Instagram for more awesome photos and videos! Also, do check out the rest of the 15-second videos on Apple's YouTube page.

The Insta-famous #FollowMeTo couple got married last year and the photos are nothing short of amazing:

Speaking of Apple, the upcoming iPhone 7 might only come with a minimum storage capacity of 32GB:

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