This New WiFi Gets Rid Of Spotty Coverage At Home So You Can Enjoy Fast & Stable Internet

Say goodbye to slow and bad WiFi connection!

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Do you have spots or corners in your house where your WiFi just never seems to be able to reach?? T.T

You head over to a corner in your bedroom, and tiba-tiba, your WiFi signal is gone. But if you take one step elsewhere, then the signal returns. Omg, so frustrating.

Or worst of all, you're not even at a bad spot, and the WiFi decides to fail on you. Aiyoooo, how to survive liddat? 

TIME is known for their consistent and ultrafast Internet speed, with low latency and 0% packet loss.

And this time, the brand is unveiling a new home WiFi device range that helps eliminate dead zones and delivers strong and stable coverage all over your home! Here what you should know:

1. The new OmniMesh range includes the Essential Router catered to the 100 Mbps and 500 Mbps plans, and the Enhanced Router catered to the 1Gbps plan

Image via TIME

Both routers are equipped with capabilities to provide complete WiFi coverage for every kind of urban household.

And in every home, confirm got hard-to-reach corners, which is why the OmniMesh range is an absolute must-get for a better indoor Internet experience.

2. The new routers are mesh-enabled, which makes it easier to eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home

How this works is that you pair the OmniMesh routers with an accompanying WiFi device, also known as a "node." Nodes are placed at remote corners or dead zones, so that you'll always receive consistent, uninterrupted Internet, no matter how far or near you are from your router.

And OmniMesh is great because, since the routers are already mesh-enabled, you don't need to buy another device to put next to the router to act as a mesh WiFi hub. You just take the node and place it wherever you need WiFi.

Say goodbye to bad Internet forever and ever, hehe. :p

3. It's affordable and easier to set up with fewer devices needed for a wider coverage

Fewer devices save you both money and space. If a traditional mesh setup calls for three nodes to cover your whole house, OmniMesh only needs two! It saves your wallet and keeps your home looking neat and clutter-free.

And you only have to install the OmniMesh devices once, and TIME's Tech Ninjas will do it for you! No more fussing over cables, buttons, and jargons. It's that easy. 

4. It comes in different bundles customised to suit houses of different sizes

Image via TIME

TIME has customised three different OmniMesh bundles to fit your home perfectly – the Essential or Enhanced router with any of the Starter, Booster, or Super bundles!

Each of these bundles come with one, two, and three mesh nodes respectively. In other words, the bigger your house or the more rooms your house has, the more nodes you'll want for a better and seamless Internet experience. This is because walls and corners may interfere with the WIFI signal, hence, mesh WiFi is able to help extend the coverage with untethered, strong WiFi signals.

So, whether your house has two, three, four, or more bedrooms, TIME has got you covered. :D

Are you hungry for some ultrafast Internet yet?

First-time subscribers of selected TIME Fibre Home Broadband plans get to enjoy the Free Mesh WiFi promo, which means a free mesh node for you, yayyyy! :D

Image via TIME

And hurry, as this promotion is available for a limited time only!

On the other hand, the OmniMesh is available with any of the TIME Home Broadband Plans from as low as RM99 a month. If you're not sure which Internet plan suits you best, worry not. TIME lets you tailor your plans based on your lifestyle needs. Find out more here

Terms and conditions apply. Available at selected areas only. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Sign up today to get the best deals with TIME! Get more information here.

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