TM Has Drastically Reduced The 10GB Free LTE Data It Offered With Unifi Mobile SIM Card

TM did not give a reason as to why the reduction happened.

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Earlier this week, TM lowered the amount of free LTE data its customers get when they sign up for a Unifi Mobile prepaid plan

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According to Soya Cincau, the promotion of a free registration and sim card from Unifi Mobile is still ongoing but new customers will only get 2GB of LTE data, instead of the previous 10GB. The number of SIMs a customer can sign up for also has been reduced to only 1 SIM per individual.

Other 'perks' include 10 minutes of calls and 10 SMS to all networks as well as no expiration on your credit, provided if there is usage every 90 days.

Initially, when the plan was first introduced in January this year, it came with a whopping 20GB of free LTE data

In addition to that, each individual was allowed to sign up for up to five SIMs.

The plan called Unifi Mobile #BEBAS also gave subscribers the ability to 'customise' it to a certain extent, purchasing add-ons on their own terms.

However, a month later, TM drastically reduced the free LTE data, lowering it to 10GB and also reduced the number of SIMs an individual could sign up for to three SIMs.

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TM did not specify what was their reason for this reduction and not much was shown to anticipate the change

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According to Lowyat, Unifi Mobile updated their FAQ section to reflect the changes and the free 2GB LTE data is still referred to as a 'promotion'.

Subscribers, however, aren't happy as they are facing a lot of problems. In airing their issues, they took to Unifi Mobile's Facebook page, complaining about unstable network connection and coverage

"How are you suppose to feel free if the speed is like this?"

In other TM related news, upgrades are being offered for free for existing Unifi and Streamyx customers

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