How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From iOS To Android In 4 Simple Steps

Now you'll be able to save all those text messages from your gf or bf ;P

Cover image via 9to5Mac & WhatsApp (edited by SmartMockups)

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Thinking of making the switch from iOS to Android?

You'll be glad to hear that WhatsApp's new update allows users to transfer chats from their iPhones to their new Android devices seamlessly. Hooray!

Previously, it used to be quite a difficult process if you wanted to migrate data between two phones of different operating systems.

According to Reliancedigital, this process wasn't possible because WhatsApp's cloud backup feature would store an iPhone's chat archive on Apple iCloud, while Android's would be backed up to Google Drive.

Fortunately, the new update allows data transfer from two different operating systems.

Image via WhatsApp

Before you start, you need to get yourself a USB type-C to Lightning cable

Image via 9to5Mac

The first essential step is to snag a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. Next, connect your iPhone and Android devices together.

Once that's done, here are the steps to transfer your data from iPhone to Android!

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to 'Settings'

2. Tap on 'Chats'

3. Tap on 'Move Chats to Android'

4. Tap on 'Start' and follow the command prompts

And that's it! You'll have to follow through with a few more instructions, but by the end of the process, your chats and media will all be successfully transferred into your Android device.

For Android users wanting to make the switch to an Apple iPhone, the process is slightly different

You'll have to download the 'Move to iOS' app from Google Play and follow the instructions on the app.

Finally, just to be safe, you should always backup your chats on your current phone before you make the transfer :D

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