Attention, Drivers! Use RFID And Stand A Chance To Win VIP Hotel Packages Worth RM2,500

Gain more cuti even after you come back from cuti.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by PLUS Malaysia Berhad.

The year is coming to an end real soon, and you know what that means? School holidays, woohoo! :D

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While the year-end school holidays this time around may not be as long as we're used to, there's still lots of time to go for that getaway, be it a solo trip or with loved ones.

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Whether you’re going to cuti-cuti somewhere lokal or overseas, you probably have to pass by tolls if you’re driving or on your way to the airport. To save time, use RFID je la kan? Hehe!

While we’re all looking forward to that break, there is one thing we can’t escape, which is the post-vacation blues :(

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Imagine that feeling you get when you have to face reality and responsibilities again juuuust as you finish your vacay. It’s quite a bummer, huh?

If this is your worry, we have some good news! PLUS can help you fulfill your dream of getting even more cuti even after you come back from cuti. Here’s how!

From now until 14 January 2023, drivers who use RFID along the PLUS highway will stand a chance to win some amazing prizes, and all you have to do is be an RFID user

You can prepare yourself to receive rewards with PLUS Malaysia Berhad's Cuti-Cuti RFID campaign!

How it works is, for every three tolls you pass using RFID along the PLUS highway within a week, you'll get one chance to try out for the winning cycle.

Do keep in mind that you can only qualify for two entries for the winning cycle in a week.

You'll also be happy to know that you don't have to be a long-term RFID user to qualify, whether you've been using it since it first came out or just installing it into your car today — you can enter the Cuti-Cuti RFID competition!

Here are the amazing weekly prizes you could win:

Grand prize winner
- 1x RM2,500 worth of VIP Hotel Packages (Total prize for six weeks worth RM15,000)

40x weekly winner
- 40x RM100 worth of Touch 'n Go eWallet credits topped up into your account (Total prize for six weeks worth RM24,000)

Just keep an eye out on the email that you registered for your RFID account to see how the results pan out.

For more details regarding the contest you can check out PLUS Malaysia's official Facebook page and official competition page

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