You A Fan Of Gaming, TikTok, Or Video Streaming? Here's How You Can Get 10GB FREE Data

So much bang for your buck!

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Are your days filled with TikTok, Insta, and YouTube? ;)


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Maybe you spend your nights playing PUBG Mobile, Freefire, Mobile Legends, or LoL Wild Rift?

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Or perhaps blasting your favourite songs in the room like all the time?

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Whatever you're into, it's pretty safe to assume we all need the Internet!

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Whether it's surfing the web, binge-watching your favourite K-dramas, playing mobile games, or streaming music and podcasts, we really can't live without data! 

And cheap, worthwhile data plans are hard to come by. You either spend more than what you need or pay so much for so little data. :(( 

Lucky for you guys, Yoodo lets you get #whatyoowant so you can get tonnes of data AND have the flexibility to customise your data plans however you like, woohoo!

Looking for unlimited data? Or do you prefer high-speed data at an affordable price? Just get #whatyoowant 'cause Yoodo has both options.

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Unlimited data lets you enjoy endless data with your chosen Internet speed whereas high-speed data gives you fast Internet based on your data plan.

What's more, Yoodo's Unlimited plan now comes with free 6GB hotspot and more free calls! So there’s no need to ask to share your friends' hotspot the next time you're out of Wi-Fi range anymore.

Yoodo even allows you to choose your preferred data speed, hotspot, calls, and SMS for your unlimited plan. Now, you can surf, stream, game, and chat all day long without worry! Find out more here

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Prefer high-speed data? Yoodo has customisable high-speed data plans too.

With over two million potential plan combinations to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice. Plus, you can change your mobile plan anytime, anywhere, with no contracts or hidden fees, so you can really get #whatyoowant!

Besides that, you can also choose from various gaming, streaming or social media 20GB add-ons such as Instagram, TikTok, PUBG Mobile, Netflix, and more, at up to 40% off from only RM3 per month.

Finally, we can create content on TikTok without having to worry about limited and slow data anymore, yay!

Psst... There's more.

Available for a limited time only, Yoodo is now rewarding you an additional 10GB of data when you subscribe to at least 10GB worth of high-speed data!

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From now onwards, you'll get even more value for money when you opt for Yoodo's high-speed data plans. 

Subscribe to at least 10GB worth of high-speed data and you'll receive an additional free 10GB of high-speed data as well. 

For existing users on the base data plan of 10GB, your plan will automatically renew with an extra free 10GB of data. 

Not sure what you want? Fret not, as Yoodo has curated a few of their best-selling Double Special Extra plans you can choose from!

And all these plans come with an additional 10GB of data.

Image via Yoodo

There are sooooo many plans to choose from.

Whether you want a Double Special Extra plan specifically for gaming or one that caters to your TikTok and Facebook needs, Yoodo has 'em all!

Image via Yoodo

Don't have to worry about that broke life no more. So much data and soooo affordable too! Whichever promo you choose, whether it's 40% off Add-Ons, free 6GB hotspot for the Unlimited Data Plans, extra free 10GB high-speed data for Double Special Extra, or a combination of them, Yoodo truly offers total bang for your buck!

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Can't decide? Just remember you have the flexibility to simply choose whichever plan and only pay for what you need. It's about #whatyoowant, woohoo!

Not a Yoodo user yet? Signing up is so easy and convenient.

Image via Yoodo

Soooo senang. With Yoodo, you can do everything you want and need in a mobile plan that's perfect for you. It's the first truly customisable and fully digital mobile service in Malaysia, fully powered by Celcom's widest 4G LTE network.

All you need to do is just head over to their website, fill in your necessary details, and click here to get your free SIM card delivered to you for free. Moreover, you get 5GB of free data upon activating your SIM card!

Plus, you get the flexibility to pay your bills through cashless payments like debit or credit card, online banking, PayPal, GrabPay, Boost, or Touch 'n Go eWallet through the Yoodo app.

Don't have the app yet? Just head over to Apple Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery to download the app.

So, whatchu waiting for? Find out more about Yoodo's plans here and get #whatyoowant!

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