These New AR Glasses Bring Subtitles To Life For Those Who Are Hard-Of-Hearing

Connecting the world, one subtitle at a time.

Cover image via XRAI Glass & AT Today- Assistive Technology

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Most of us prefer watching shows with the subtitles on. However, there are some people out there who wish there are subtitles for real life conversations, especially if they are hard-of-hearing.

Image via XRAI Glass

Luckily for them, these XRAI glasses can capture real life conversations and convert them into closed captions that appear on the user's glasses. Users can also rewind the chat to read it if they missed it.

The invention uses augmented reality (AR) glasses that's connected to a smartphone app with AI-driven software, as reported by CBS News.

According to Yahoo!News, XRAI Glass CEO Dan Scarfe said that the invention was inspired by his deaf grandfather who has always struggled with keeping up with conversations during family gatherings. "There was just a little epiphany moment where I thought, 'Hang on a second. He watches TV all the time with subtitles. Why can't we subtitle the world?'"

The glasses can even translate up to nine languages in real time

Image via XRAI Glass

Currently, the languages available for translation include English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The XRAI Glass software pairs with Nreal Air Augmented Reality (AR) glasses by Nreal Technology Limited.

According to CBS News, Justin Osmond, who is the son of Merril Osmond from the US pop group The Osmonds, stated that he was amazed with the accuracy of the glasses while he was using it with his wife. "What's amazing is not only can I follow everything that she's saying, even if I'm not looking up at her, or if I have to look down or look elsewhere, it's all right there in front of me."

However, the new technology is still in its early stages, as it is not yet compatible with all smartphones

As of now, only fourteen Android smartphone models support the app, while the glasses is not compatible with the iPhone yet. In terms of accessibility, there will be a free version for the Apple app, but users will have to pay for premium features.

According to Greek Reporter, there will be a free version of the XRAI app in the Apple Store, but users will have to pay for premium features. In addition, the glasses will have to be purchased separately for USD484 (RM2,180).

Scarfe said, "We are so proud of the ability this innovative technology has to enrich the lives of people who are deaf and have hearing loss, so that they can maximise potential. Whether that means being able to have a conversation while continuing to make dinner or keeping a conversation going while walking with a friend. The scale of the opportunity is huge."

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