Here's How Members Of The B40 Community Can Claim 40GB Of Free Data Now

The free YES SIM will then be delivered to their registered address at no charge.

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With the current situation resulting in more and more things being done online, having a good Internet connection has become more important than ever.

That's why YES is lending a helping hand to those who need it most by providing free data to the B40 community.

To apply for the free 40GB data, members of the B40 community just have to provide their contact details here, that's it! The free YES SIM will then be delivered to their registered address at no charge.

The data can be claimed on the YES website or through the MyYes app. Once activated via the app, the 40GB of free data is valid for 60 days. Hurry and claim it now!

By equipping them with today’s most important commodity, data, YES is making sure that the B40 community won't be left out of the digital era. With this 40GB of free data, they'll be able to study, work, run businesses, participate in the gig economy, shop, access entertainment, and stay in touch with loved ones.

The significance of the Internet in today's society has also created a digital divide, where those who can't afford it are falling behind

Access to data truly is a game changer. In order to learn, work, grow a business, or shop for everyday essentials, every Malaysian must have access to high-speed Internet.

As the economy reopens and recovers, having accessible and affordable data for all is essential in ensuring that Malaysia reaches its full potential. This is exactly what YES hopes to help make a reality.

YES Kasi Up B40 is part of the ongoing YES Kasi Up initiative, which aims to make affordable data accessible to all Malaysians

Check out the other pillars of YES Kasi Up below:
- YES Databack: Earn 5GB of free data every time you spend RM50 on Shopee
- YES Kasi Up 15: Malaysia’s most affordable data plan, with the highest amount of data and longest validity. RM15 for 10GB, valid for 30 days.
- YES Kasi Up 49: 100GB of data per month at just RM49, with the first six months free on a 24-month contract
- YES Kasi Up Refer & Earn: Earn up to RM50 in cash every time you refer YES to friends and family

The YES Kasi Up 40GB Free For B40 programme comes exactly one year after the brand teamed up with YTL Foundation to launch the high-impact Learn-From-Home (LFH) programme

As part of the LFH programme, YES gave 40GB free data to schoolchildren in government schools, as well as provided B40 students with free phones.

The YES SIM they were given came with 40GB free data and access to educational content developed by FrogAsia. This has helped almost 450,000 Malaysian children continue learning from home.

Find out more at or download the MyYes app on Google Playstore or the Apple App Store

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