Your WhatsApp Chat Backups Will Soon Take Up Google Cloud Storage Space

You'll probably need to delete files or increase your storage.

Cover image via Asterfolio / Unsplash & Dimitri Karastelev / Pexels

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Sorry Android users, you may soon have to pay Google to save a backup of your WhatsApp chats

Google recently announced that your WhatsApp chat backups will soon take up your existing Google cloud storage.

In other words, the free WhatsApp backup honeymoon period that began in 2018 is coming to an end.

You may have to delete files from your Google cloud storage or upgrade your account if you're a heavy media user

All Google personal accounts come with 15GB of free cloud storage. This storage is shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

If you're a heavy media user, you may have to delete items such as photos, videos, and documents to make space for your WhatsApp chat backups.

There is an obvious workaround: delete unnecessary photos and videos directly from WhatsApp or upgrade your Google cloud storage. 

This new update will be rolled out to WhatsApp Beta users in December 2023

By 2024, this change is expected to affect all WhatsApp users.

However, if you're a Google Workspace user, you won't be affected. Yet.

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