7 Types Of Overwatch Players You'll Confirm Meet In Quick Play

Chill, it's just Quick Play... right?

  • With Overwatch just recently celebrating its first anniversary, it can be said that it’s one of the most successful games with over 30 million players worldwide

    • That’s a lot of players for a game which just only reached its one year mark. With that big pool of players obviously comes a big pool of variety too...

  • So if you’re a veteran at the game, you probably would have met these 10 types of Overwatch players already but if you’re new... well, here’s a heads-up!

  • 1. The Support Specialist

    • Okay, so let’s be very honest, this type of people are the rarest to find. BUT they are out there somewhere, and when you finally meet these people, be thankful for them cause they are lifesavers, literally.

      Cherish these people because you know how the saying goes: “Everybody wants to win the game, but nobody wants to play support”.

  • 2. The Flamer

    • These people on the other hand, are the type of players that can be found on almost every single multiplayer online game. Whether it is flaming the opponents or their own teammates, this person feels that everybody else is wrong when he or she is on the losing side.

      Everybody except themselves.

  • 3. The ‘Macam Yes’ Solo Carry

    • "OVERWATCH IS NOT A TEAM GAME!" This is the motto that every solo carry lives by. This person’s aim is to just go in alone and never believing in team spirit. You know why? Because to them, the objective is getting gold eliminations... and then bragging about it. Face palm worthy indeed.

  • 4. The ‘Please Change Hero’ Advisor

    • Don’t you absolutely get annoyed by people who ask you to change a hero when maybe you are just trying to get better at that certain hero in Quick Play? As soon as you lock in a hero, you get that message, “Hanzo, please change." How about no?

  • 5. The ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better’

    • Have you met this type of player who tells you that he or she can do better in whatever hero you’re playing? And then they follow up by asking you to 1V1 with that hero. Am I supposed to stop playing a hero just cause somebody is better than me?

  • 6. The Main Only Player (no, not main in BM)

    • A main in Overwatch means a certain hero whom you have put in your most hours in which indirectly means that the hero is your best hero. But this shouldn’t mean that you don’t know how to play any other hero.

      Probably the worst part is if these players are not actually good in the hero. It’s the quality of the games you’re playing, not the amount of time you put into it.

  • 7. The Troll

    • Quick Play is meant for players to battle non-competitively, that’s true. However, there are obvious trolls who just play the game for the sake of sabotaging their own teammates whether it is badly placed Symmetra teleporters to Mei walls built to block their teammates from going forward.

  • So... which Overwatch player are you?

    • No matter what, this is all part of the fun of Overwatch and is what makes it such an epic game to play!

  • Speaking of which, meet MBT.Valkyrie, Malaysia's first all-female team that specialises in Overwatch:

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