These 7 Girls Are In Malaysia's First All-Female 'Overwatch' Team

They're ready to kick some butt.

Cover image via MBT - Malaysian Battlefield Team

In a scene that's largely dominated by males, it's really awesome to see more female gamers rising up in the local eSports circuit

Malaysian Dota 2 team, Grills Gaming.

Image via Stadium Astro

Remember the Malaysian all-girl Dota 2 team that won a major competition earlier this year?

Grills Gaming (abbreviated as GG) clinched the first spot in the Female SEA League (FSL) 4 on 22 Jan. They defeated team DIA from Thailand in the grand finals with a score of 2-1.

Expect to see more of these achievements as a new all-female eSports team has been born!

Hello, MBT.Valkyrie.

Image via MBT - Malaysian Battlefield Team

Known as MBT.Valkyrie, the team is the brainchild of a collaboration between Cooler Master and Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT).

MBT is a group that was set up in 2006 to help grow the local Battlefield gaming community. On the other hand, Cooler Master is a Taiwan-based computer hardware manufacturer.

The team specialises in Overwatch, a team-based online multiplayer first-person shooter game

Image via Polygon
Image via Polygon

Made by Blizzard Entertainment, the game assigns players into two teams of six, with players selecting one out of the array of available characters, called heroes.

Although the game is still relatively new, it is slowly building a presence in the eSports arena.

There are seven players in total in the team and they are Amanda "Hamlet" Yow, Tan "GrilledKoi" Yen Li, Angeline "iCaramel" Chan, Elaine "Bloodyrukia" Chern, Alice “EvieNya” Chong, Yuukii "Kusochii" Yong with their team captain being Sylvia "Yue" Yap

Image via Wanuxi

In an interview with The Hyped Geek, a member of the team reiterated that gender shouldn't be an issue when it comes to eSports.

"I feel extremely happy to be a part of this team, of course! But at the end of the day, I think gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to eSports.

Unlike conventional sports where gender separation is necessary, this doesn’t hold true in eSports, where mental skills are required more than physical skills.

It doesn’t matter what gender the person sitting behind the screen is, what matters is his/her attitude," said Amanda "Hamlet" Yow.

All the best, MBT.Valkyrie! :D

Image via Tumblr

Earlier this year, local institution Asia Pacific University (APU) joined hands with electronic sports governing body eSports Malaysia (ESM) to set up the country's first eSports academy:

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