Official Course Fees For Malaysia’s First eSports Academy Are Out!

Asia Pacific University (APU) has revealed the pricing and course structure for the programme.

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After unveiling itself to the public last month, APU eSports Malaysia Academy has more details on its inaugural gaming course

The academy is a collaborative effort between local institution Asia Pacific University (APU) and electronic sports governing body eSports Malaysia (ESM).

eSports is an uprising trend that APU embraces and we highly encourage our students to participate in healthy competitive gaming,” said Datuk Dr. Parmjit Singh, CEO of APIIT Education Group as quoted by Garena.

The programme - which covers four different games: Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA 17, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - will be broken down to three levels

Each level will last 12 weeks and participants will have to meet a number of general requirements such as age, proficiency in English, and a willingness to learn, before enrolling.

APU has set a minimum skill level for each level. For instance, the Dota 2 course requires a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) of at least 3,000.

Participants with prior gaming experience will be able to skip levels, based on their performances

If you're a FIFA 17 player that has a minimum Top 32 placing in previous tournaments, you'll stand a chance to begin your course at the Intermediate level.

As for the pricing structure, the programme in three levels will cost a total of RM2,730, which includes a one-time enrolment fee

If you're currently a secondary school student, you'll be entitled to an RM40 discount for the enrolment fee.

The course is only run on weekends, which means you can still have a full-time career while attending gaming classes during Saturdays and Sundays

Classes will start on 13 May 2017 and interested participants can now apply by submitting an online application form here.

Courses on being effective team managers and shout casters are also said to be in the works:

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