This Malaysian's Novel Is Being Made Into A Hollywood Film By 'Resident Evil' Producer

'Perfect Addiction' is about underground fighting, love triangles, and growing pains.

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Back when Twilight and The Hunger Games books were all the rage, 16-year-old Claudia Tan was inspired to write her own fictional series

She wrote and published them on a social storytelling platform called Wattpad. And since then, her books have accumulated over 160 million reads collectively!

Her second-most popular book, Perfect Addiction, won the People's Choice Award at the 2015 Wattys and caught the attention of Wattpad Studios, which has produced multiple hit films over the years.

And Tan's novel is now being adapted into a Hollywood film!

Wattpad Studios is working together with Constantin Film and Jeremy Bolt, the production company and producer behind Resident Evil, to turn Perfect Addiction into a movie

In an interview with SAYS, the now 22-year-old shared that Perfect Addiction is part of a romance book series about unrequited love and growing pains.

"[It's] a story about a girl named Sienna, a kickboxing trainer, who discovers that her boyfriend, Jax has been cheating on her with her very own sister. She sets out to get revenge on Jax by training his arch-nemesis in the underground fighting circuit, Kayden, to beat him and take away his reigning championship title.

"Boundaries blur as Sienna and Kayden, who have both previously been on opposite sides of the ring, discover that they can't deny the intense chemistry between them."

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The film is currently in the early stages of pre-production and is expected to be released in theatres

However, she explained that due to COVID-19, a lot of the details are currently up in the air. 

"I hope it will be screened though – it will be an incredible experience to see my story on the silver screen!"

Aside from writing novels, Tan is an aspiring singer-songwriter, who has released several catchy tunes

"I find that ever since writing on Wattpad, I've been able to translate my writing abilities into songwriting quite well."

Although not currently attached to any music label, Tan's boyfriend helps to produce her songs. 

Her most recent single, Bodies, released on 30 October is a tune that will surely get your head bopping.

"[Making] mainstream pop music with a small budget can be tricky (compared to doing indie/R&B) but we want to show Malaysia as well as the world that Malaysia can make incredibly good pop music that can rival western pop music."

While waiting for her film, you can look forward to more music from her.

Check out Claudia Tan's latest single, Bodies, and her other songs here:

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