[VIDEO] The Viral '5 Sekawan' Girls Are Back With A Special Deepavali Message

A new character brings new adventures!

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Back by popular demand from fans throughout Malaysia, Celcom has just released the latest '5 Sekawan' video in time for Deepavali

A viral hit among audiences since their debut on Malaysia Day 2017, the adorable girls from '5 Sekawan' are facing a new challenge this Festival of Lights. With the introduction of a new character that could disrupt the entire dynamic of the squad, what's to become of our fabulous five?

For this year’s Deepavali celebration, the gang is making a much-anticipated return with a new addition to their series of short films titled, ‘5 Sekawan Kembali Atas Permintaan Ramai’. Watch it now:

The surprising new addition to the group creates a dynamic we haven't seen before

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And although we all have our differences...

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It's our similarities that consistently bring us back together

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The short film does a wonderful job of highlighting the unique diversity of Malaysia, while proving that even with all our differences, there's more than enough love and acceptance to go around

Exploring the dynamic of an adoptive sibling and the subsequent jealousy in the family, Celcom is breaking barriers and looking beyond blood ties, at what really matters - love.

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In the true spirit of Deepavali, we see that "the brightest of lights always comes from within"

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Together with Celcom, we wish you and your loved ones Selamat Hari Deepavali!

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How do you think the new character will affect our favourite girls? Let us know in the comments below with the hashtag #5Sekawan.

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