[VIDEO] Celcom's Chinese New Year Short Film Is A Tearjerker

Ninjas be cutting onions all over the place!

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Celcom's latest short film for Chinese New Year will leave you with all the feels this festive season

Giving us a closer look at the unique Peranakan culture, the short film features the return of the lovable '5 Sekawan' preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Grab a tissue and watch the video to find out why:

The Chai Kee is traditionally placed at the main door to usher good fortune

Image via Celcom

In the short film, Su Mei is overcome with emotion when she helps prepare the Chai Kee for Chinese New Year. Though it signifies celebration, to her, it serves as a sad reminder of her past :(

The way her friends come together to comfort and bring her home, reveals what the festive season is really all about - love, unity, and acceptance.

The video also shows a beautiful glimpse of Peranakan traditions

Image via Celcom

In the end, the video reminds us that, “Love is our birthright. Acceptance is our heritage”

Malaysia is filled with diverse cultures and traditions — that's what makes us truly special. This festive season is the perfect time for us to all come together, embrace our uniqueness and celebrate our heritage <3

Image via Celcom

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