Maxis' Ang Pow Lets You Summon A Lion Dance Whenever And Wherever You Want

This is legit Huat AR!

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Hands up if you look forward to watching all the amazing Lion Dance performances during Chinese New Year!

They're arguably the best part of CNY. Not only are they super thrilling to watch, they also bring in all the huat for the year! 

Good news is, now you can have a lion dance performance in your home through the power of augmented reality :O

Maxis is giving out awesome ang pows this year that are not only gorgeous, but also have the ability to summon a lion dance!

The Maxis Huat AR (teehee so cute) features the super lovable lion named Ah Huat.

Image via Maxis

To ensure Ah Huat's performance is as authentic as possible, Maxis consulted with Kun Seng Keng (KSK) Lion and Dragon Dance Association. The pioneer in the lion dance community in Malaysia helped to bring the lion to life in the digital space, so that you can enjoy all the huat!

Here's how the Huat AR ang pows work:

Image via Maxis
1. When you receive your Maxis ang pow packet, scan the QR code on the flap to download the Huat AR app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Alternatively you can go to

2. Install and open the Huat AR app and scan the front of your ang pow.

3. Ah Huat the lion will be brought to life on your mobile screen!

4. You can interact with the lion, snap a photo or record a video to share with others.

There are three ang pow themes and each come with a unique Ah Huat who will perform his own special dance move!

Image via Maxis

For Prosperity, Ah Huat will perform the Maneki-Neko pose, also known as the Fortune Cat. To bring in Health, Ah Huat will dance and flex his muscles. Finally, for Career, Ah Huat will dance and search for gold around him.

Omg this is just too cute. 

Ang pow is a token of good wishes given at auspicious occasions

Now, not only are you giving a loved one a token of good wishes, you’ll also be giving them the power to summon a lion dance into their home to usher in more huat and prosperity for the coming new year!

Find out how to get your set of Maxis Huat AR ang pows here

Can't wait to usher in the new year with Ah Huat? Find out how to get your Maxis Huat AR ang pows now!

Image via Maxis

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